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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ
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Library - Petitions and Solicitations
POLICY: Print a copy (PDF)

The Glendale Public Library (“Library”) provides educational, recreational, and research materials to Glendale residents and Library patrons. To minimize disruptions to residents and patrons, the Library prohibits solicitation and/or petition circulation within the interior spaces and entry lobby of the Library buildings. Certain areas outside of the Library buildings may be used by the public to solicit or gather petitions if the solicitors adhere to the following Regulations:


1. Only nonprofit organizations may assemble outside the Library buildings. For the purpose of this policy, “nonprofit organizations” include public educational institutions. For-profit or commercial organizations may not assemble on Library grounds.

2. Petitioners/solicitors and their furniture or equipment must not hinder or block the entrances to the Library buildings, or create potentially unsafe conditions to Library staff, patrons, or to the general public. Petitioners/solicitors must abide by the following Regulations:

    • Main Library:   Petitioners/solicitors and their furniture or equipment must be stationed along the east/west walkway from the parking lot to the north/south walkway. The north/south walkway into the building must be kept clear for emergency exit so patrons can enter and leave freely without impediment.
    • Foothills Library and Velma Teague Libraries:   Staff should be consulted for petitioner locations on these Library properties.

3. The Library retains the right to request relocation of people, furniture or equipment if patron access to the Library buildings is blocked or impeded by the gathering of people or the furniture or equipment. Persons who fail to promptly comply with the request will be cited for trespassing.

4. The Library will not provide supplies, furniture, equipment, or any other amenities to petitioners/solicitors, nor will the Library store any items for any period of time. The petitioner/solicitor that uses the areas outside of the Library buildings will hold the City of Glendale harmless against any claims arising out of the petitioner’s/solicitor’s activities. .

5. The Library reserves the right to permit groups that promote Library services or closely-related activities to set up tables in the entrance lobbies.

6. Petitioners/solicitors may not use any part of the buildings, including walls, columns, and lights to exhibit posters, notes or printed information.

7.  With the exception of City of Glendale-sponsored fundraising that benefits the programs and services of the City, solicitation for funds is strictly prohibited on Library property. Prohibited solicitation for funds includes, but is not limited to: panhandling, seeking donations, or raising funds through selling goods or services to patrons and the general public. . 

8. Petitioners/solicitors shall not approach Library patrons and staff in an aggressive manner or engage in action that constitutes harassment of Library patrons and staff.

9. Persons who fail to comply with any party of this policy will be asked to leave the Library premises.

10. The presence of petitioners/solicitors outside of the Library does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the policies, beliefs, or political affiliations of petitioning persons or groups; nor does it constitute the Library’s endorsement of any candidate, initiative, or referendum.

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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Glendale, AZ
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