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Glendale, AZ
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From the Heart -News

New Funding Partner for Glendale's From The Heart Program
The Gila River Indian Community will donate $75,000 annually over the next
three years, totaling $225,000, to Glendale’s From The Heart program, which provides services to the city’s most vulnerable children, families and elderly citizens.
Press Release
(pdf) | 2011 From The Heart Agencies (pdf) | "City Beat" TV Show

Glendale's From the Heart Program to Distribute $183,915 to Social Service Agencies
Eighteen non-profit agencies that provide essential services to Glendale’s most vulnerable children, families and elderly residents will receive $183,915 in grants on Thursday (June 9) from Glendale’s From The Heart program. Read more (pdf)

Mayor Scruggs to Serve as Maître d' for From the Heart Fundraising Event
During her 17-plus years as Glendale’s mayor, Elaine Scruggs has received many requests to help promote and support community causes in various ways. But in all her years as mayor, Scruggs has never been asked to serve as a restaurant maître d' . . . until now. On Friday, Dec. 3, 2010, Mayor d’ Scruggs will find herself partaking in another unique experience when she takes the reins at Tuscan Oven at Westgate City Center as part of a fundraising event to benefit the From The Heart program. Read more (pdf)

Memorial Contributions Making a Difference

A personal message from Mayor Elaine Scruggs (from 'Glendale Connections' article)

Over the past several years I have written about how your contributions to From the Heart help non-profit agencies provide essential human services to those in need. In the past few months I have had an opportunity to personally witness the power of this incredible program.

Many of you know that my dad passed away in June. Throughout his life, Dad looked for ways to help others. Whether he was loaning out tools from his well-stocked garage, helping someone remodel or repair their home, or unhesitatingly writing a check, Dad was always there for those in need.

We all know there are folks who prefer to contribute to a special cause “in lieu of flowers”. When thinking of which organization to direct family and friends’ contributions to in honor of Dad, From the Heart seemed the perfect choice. From the Heart helps many organizations, diverse in their missions, and reaches far into our community. Sounded just like Dad.

The fact that the BHHS Legacy Foundation matches all contributions to From the Heart by 50 percent made the choice even better. My dad was definitely good with finances; 50 percent return on an investment would be right up his alley.

Through the generosity of family and friends (including some of you reading this column), close to $7,000 has been received in honor of Dad. That money will multiply into more than $10,000 once the Legacy Foundation match is applied. This spring a group of community members will volunteer their time to review applications and decide how those funds, and the rest of this year’s contributions, will be awarded to organizations that serve Glendale residents. I am humbled and proud at the same time to know so many will be helped in Dad’s memory.

I would like to encourage you to also consider naming From the Heart in situations when you give your family and friends a suggestion of what to send “in lieu of flowers or gifts”. What can be better than giving a donation that will multiply by 50 percent and make a difference in the lives of hundreds.

Thank you for your continued generosity to make life better for countless Glendale residents.

(For information on giving, CLICK HERE.)

Coins Collected from Westgate’s Waterdance Fountain Now Donated to Glendale’s From The Heart Program

In May, 2008, Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs, Westgate City Center developer Steve Ellman, BHHS Legacy Foundation CEO Jerry Wissink and other guests joined together to kick off a new initiative at Glendale's Westgate Waterdance Fountain that will help fund From the Heart. All coins collected from Westgate’s Waterdance Fountain are now donated to Glendale’s From The Heart program, which provides essential services to Glendale’s most vulnerable children, families and elderly residents.

To usher in this new campaign, Mayor Scruggs, Ellman, Wissink and many others participated in a “tossing of the coins" event.

"This isn't the first time that Steve Ellman has contributed to From the Heart," Scruggs said. "And this new initiative makes the Ellman Co. an ongoing partner with the city in furthing From the Heart and its potential to change lives."

"I urge all of you to continue filling this fountain with coins," Ellman said, "because it puts money back into our community."

Donations from the Ellman Companies from the fountain are expected to average $1,000 per month. Every coin will generate a 50-percent matching contribution from BHHS Legacy, making donating to From The Heart a great investment in your community.

Gabriel's Angels: Pets Helping Kids

The goal of Gabriel’s Angels is to improve the emotional health and well-being of children and help them develop those skills that are precursors to preventing the cycle of domestic violence. These seven core strengths are: attachment, confidence, self-regulation, affiliation, awareness, tolerance, and respect. It is our belief that the bond between a therapy dog and a child is strong enough to break the cycle of violence. Gabriel’s Angels is Arizona’s only nonprofit organization focused on delivering healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children, nurturing their ability to love and trust, thereby freeing them from the cycle of violence.

Gabriel’s Angels was formed in 2000 out of a pressing and documented need in the community to enhance the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children. Research has shown that an abused or neglected child is more likely to grow up to be an abuser and there is a link between violence directed towards animals and eventual violence directed towards humans. Children who witness violence are more likely to grow up to be abusive.

Gabriel's Angels partners with Glendale area organizations to reach children living in crisis nurseries, domestic violence and homeless shelters. Currently, there are pet therapy teams visiting at ten facilities that provide a safe place for children throughout Glendale. From the Heart funding provides pet therapy services for over 1,300 abused or neglected children living in Glendale facilities.

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