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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ
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From the Heart - FAQs

How can I participate in From the Heart?
You can contribute to From the Heart in a variety of ways, and you don’t need to be a Glendale resident to donate. You can add $2 to your monthly city utility bill payment. Or, you can donate any amount at any time by mailing or bringing a check made out to From the Heart to the Glendale Customer Service Office located on the first floor of the City Hall Complex. CLICK HERE to print out a coupon that can be attached to your From the Heart check or money order.

CLICK HERE for a sample Glendale Utility bill. (pdf)

What if I don’t want to participate?
Just pay the amount indicated on your city utility bill line titled, “TOTAL BILLING DUE.” If you have any questions about your bill, call Customer Relations at (623) 930-3190 or email

What types of human services programs will From the Heart fund?
From the Heart helps social service agencies provide emergency and support services to Glendale residents that promote the positive development of youth, strengthen families and assist Glendale residents of all ages in addressing urgent needs. In the past, From the Heart funds have helped ameliorate homelessness and hunger, supported services to children and adults who are victims of violence, and helped teenage parents acquire the skills and resources needed to create a better environment for their children.

Are individuals eligible to receive funding through From the Heart?
No. Only qualified, non-profit human service organizations with a proven track record of providing high quality services to Glendale residents are eligible to apply. For more information about the application process, check this Web site in early December.

Who determines how From the Heart donations will be spent?
From the Heart issues an annual request for grant applications at the beginning of the year. Interested agencies must complete a comprehensive application and provide documentation showing they have the capacity, skills and administrative resources needed to provide the proposed services and manage the grant funds appropriately.

A From the Heart Committee made up of representatives from community agencies, Glendale residents and the city of Glendale review and rank the proposals.

Each June, From the Heart award checks are presented at a formal ceremony hosted by Mayor Jerry Weiers and city councilmembers. 

Who are the other community partners involved in From the Heart?
Residents of Glendale are the most important From the Heart partners. You have made From the Heart successful by generously contributing to the program.

The city of Glendale supports From the Heart by helping collect and distribute funds, making people aware of the program and participating in the application review and award process. Many city employees and council members are regular From the Heart donors.

During the first few years of the program, the McCormick Foundation contributed a 50 cents cash match for each dollar raised by the community. In 2002, the BHHS Legacy Foundation took over that partnership role. The BHHS Legacy Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation created as a result of the sale of Baptist Hospital and Health Systems. In 2011, the Gila River Indian Community became the new matching partner providing $75,000 per year to From the Heart. This matching grant expired in 2016.    

Will any money be used to pay for administrative costs?
No. From the Heart is totally volunteer-operated. All donated funds go towards providing direct services to Glendale residents.

Can residents donate more than $2 on their water bills?
No. Only $2 can be added to the monthly utility bill. If the amount of your check exceeds $2 more than your utility bill amount due, the whole amount will be credited to your utility account and not applied to From the Heart.

If you want to donate more than $2, you can do so online or bring your check or money order to the City Hall Customer Service Office. Please do not mail cash.

Can I donate to From the Heart if I am a Surepay customer?
Absolutely. The Surepay enrollment form has a box you can check to automatically donate $2 per month to From the Heart when you become a Surepay customer. CLICK HERE for information about Surepay and a Surepay enrollment form. If you are an existing Surepay customer and want to begin donating to From the Heart, please call Customer Services at (623) 930-2207 and tell the representative you want to add From the Heart to your Surepay account. You can email a request to start donating to From the Heart through Surepay by emailing or   

Why doesn’t the city of Glendale fund these programs?
While the city of Glendale’s primary focus is to provide its residents with high quality, basic municipal services, the City Council also budgets thousands of dollars annually to support agencies serving Glendale residents. In addition, the city receives funds from the federal government that are distributed to community agencies. However, there remains a substantial unmet need in the community that cannot be addressed by government alone.

Recent cutbacks in federal and state government budgets for human service programs and changes in cost of living due to general economic conditions has increased the number of Glendale residents in need of assistance.

Many Glendale residents have expressed their desire to make contributions to local agencies that service Glendale residents. From the Heart offers a convenient way for people to contribute to qualified agencies and to be assured their donations will be used to serve Glendale residents.


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