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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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Proposed Downtown Entertainment District
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The Glendale City Council will be considering the adoption of a designated Entertainment District pertaining to the issuance of liquor licenses within downtown Glendale. In an effort to inform the Council’s decision, the city is conducting extensive public outreach to gauge public opinion regarding the proposed creation of a district.

Currently, state law prohibits issuing certain types of liquor licenses within 300 feet of a church or a public or private school. However, state statute provides the opportunity for communities to designate a specific area as an Entertainment District, thereby allowing an exemption to the 300 foot rule. Several valley communities have adopted Entertainment Districts demonstrating that churches and schools can successfully co-exist with uses that require certain types of liquor licenses.

Downtown Glendale has long been recognized as a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. From independent restaurants and unique shops to the city’s signature festivals, downtown Glendale attracts thousands of visitors each year. The adoption of an Entertainment District would allow for greater flexibility in future economic development activities and may assist in attracting a mix of new dining and entertainment options.

City Council Workshop – October 4
The City Council will be considering this proposal at the October 4, 2016 Workshop Meeting.  Please visit the City Clerk’s website here for Council meeting agenda information.

Proposed Downtown Glendale Entertainment District Fact Sheet

Proposed Downtown Glendale Entertainment District Map
(Please click on image for larger map)

Ent District


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