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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ


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City of Glendale - Engineering

It all starts here.

From where to push the dirt to how to bury the wires and pipes, the Engineering Division is charged with following the city’s major construction projects from start to finish. Our responsibilities include the design and construction of various city facilities including buildings, streets, sewer, water lines and drainage. This department tracks the contract paperwork and functions as the project manager. It also functions as the custodian of good engineering practice in the city through design review, construction inspection and testing of materials on the jobsite to ensure they meet specifications.

Mission Statement: To be recognized as an important resource in developing and designing capital projects, reviewing and inspecting private development and maintaining accurate mapping and property records to successfully meet the needs of our community.

2019-2020 On-Call Consulting Services Selection

After careful consideration of all the submittals received, the city has selected 74 firms as shown on the 2019-2020 On Call List (pdf). This on-call list will be in effect for 2019-2020, with an option of renewal for two (2) additional one-year periods, if determined to be in the City’s best interest. For more information on the categories or the criteria used to select the firms, please see the original Request for Qualifications solicitation (pdf).

Engineering Public Notices

Public Notices from the city of Glendale Engineering Department are posted on a regular basis here.

Preliminary Bid Results
The results are only preliminary and contract award is subject to Council approval. The itemized bid results will not be available until a contract has been awarded.

News and Updates

Citywide LED Streetlight Conversion Program
Lowers Energy and Maintenance Costs, Enhances Traffic Safety, Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions
A citywide effort to convert 18,500 of Glendale's streetlights from high pressure sodium to new energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) light fixtures kicks off September 2017. With the transition to citywide implementation, Glendale is expected to experience a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs, coupled with the added benefit of improved visibility and safety on city streets.

The new LED streetlights are expected to save the city approximately $674,000 in energy and maintenance costs each year. Work will start in Glendale’s APS service areas to meet APS rebate deadline requirements and progress into SRP service areas. Project completion is currently slated for January 2018. Additional information can be found on the City Improvements page.

Flood Plain Insurance
If you have questions about your flood plain insurance in Glendale,
please call 623-930-3656, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Click here for FEMA information.

YouTubeVideo: Inside Look at Materials Testing Lab

Get an inside look of the Glendale Materials Testing Lab and see just what happens and why it's so important for city residents. Watch now!

YouTubeVideo: What Glendale Engineering Means to You

Check out this video highlighting the many benefits of Glendale's Public Works departments and services. Watch now


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