Lifeguards Wanted!

Lifeguards Wanted!
Posted on 01/30/2023

City offers certified Lifeguards $25 per hour

The weather may be cool outside, but things are heating up when it comes to the pools in Glendale! The Public Facilities, Recreation and Special Events Department is in search of their summer squad as they prepare to fully staff the city’s pools.

As the city prepares for the triple-digit heat later this year, recruitment is already underway for staff members to join the team. Positions include cashiers, lifeguards, swim instructors, head lifeguard, assistant pool manager and pool manager.

Available positions, along with the new pay rate, are listed below. Click on the position title to read the job description and apply online.


Pay Rates

Pool Cashier




Swim Instructor


Head Guard


Assistant Pool Manager


Pool Manager


“Since the very beginning of COVID, there has been a lifeguard shortage nationally,” said Glendale Senior Recreation Coordinator Dean Kinnoin. “Because of this, we have struggled to fully open our aquatic centers. With this aggressive approach, we now have the ability to offer competitive wages to get the best of the best, in hopes we can open both of our aquatic centers simultaneously for the entirety of the summer season.”

Prior to applying for a position, all applicants must register for the course respective to the position for which they are applying. You can view and register for the courses here. Certification classes have already begun and must be completed during the scheduled class times. The city of Glendale Lifeguard Training Courses last for one full week and are available the weeks of February 25, March 12, March 18 and April 1. Currently the only Water Safety Instructor Course will be taught on April 8.

Benefits of being a lifeguard:

  1. Work in your neighborhood

  2. Keep your community safe

  3. Looks great on a college application or resume

  4. Learn lifesaving skills

  5. Gain valuable career building experience

  6. Flexible summer shifts, ideal for students

The city of Glendale offers lifeguards a fun and team-focused work culture, where relationships will be made that last a lifetime!