Homelessness in Glendale

There are new resources available for individuals and families experiencing homelessness which must be accessed through the Coordinated Entry system for Maricopa County.

What is Coordinated Entry? Coordinated Entry teams help connect homeless households with services by working to understand the unique situations of families and individuals across the County. This includes collecting necessary information and then linking available resources such as rental assistance, emergency shelters, homeless housing programs, and homeless voucher programs.

How to access Coordinated Entry? If you are experiencing homelessness or know someone who is, please connect with a Coordinated Entry site.

Adults without children -  Brian Garcia Welcome Center 602.295,5155 or additional access points.

Families with minor dependent children - Family Housing HUB 602.595.8700.

If you are not currently experiencing homelessness but
need help with rent or utilities, click here to access services.