Judge Finn Retirement

Judge Finn Retirement
Posted on 03/24/2021
City Wishes Arizona's Longest Sitting Judge a Happy Retirement

The city of Glendale is saying farewell to the state of Arizona’s longest sitting judge with sincere appreciation for her efforts which improved Glendale City Court and helped the community. Elizabeth Finn, currently Judge Emeritus, was the Presiding Judge for the Glendale City Court system for more than 18 years. Last year, she announced her retirement plan and her successor was appointed by Council earlier this year.

Mayor Jerry P. Weiers and the Glendale City Council honored her service and dedication with a proclamation at the March 23, 2021, voting meeting. She received the framed proclamation and key to the city coin along with heartfelt thank you messages from Council and staff.

Photo of presentation

Judge Elizabeth R. Finn began her career as a judge more than 42 years ago, making her the most senior judge in the state of Arizona. Judge Finn was appointed Phoenix Municipal Court Judge May 1, 1979, and became the interim Presiding Judge for Glendale City Court Oct. 28, 2002. On March 25, 2003, she became the Presiding Judge of the Glendale City Court system. Her official retirement date from the city of Glendale will be March 25, 2021.

“The words I would use to describe my experience in Glendale would be family and  passion.
With a great management team, we created a court  family of the highest caliber and it has
been an honor to serve the City and the  Court. Though not brave in my personal life, I am
always brave to try new  things to benefit the Court, the City and the community.” 

- Elizabeth Finn, Judge Emeritus

proclamation image Her passion for civil rights, mental illness, homelessness and domestic abuse issues resulted in creating and implementing specialty courts, including a Domestic Violence Treatment Court and a Mental Health Court. She successfully secured over $1.5 million in federal grants to aid courts, police and prosecutors in domestic violence issues, implemented a collaborative community Domestic Violence Task Force, brought a supervised probation service to the Court for second-time domestic violence offenders and championed numerous other causes to address family violence.

“Judge Finn’s dedication to the community is obvious when you look at all she has accomplished with the Glendale Court system as well as within the county and state,” said Mayor Jerry P. Weiers. “She truly enjoys making a difference in our community. I thank her for her hard work and all she did to support my annual Stand Up for Veterans event. She leaves behind a great legacy and we wish her all the best in her retirement.”

Judge Elizabeth Finn is the recipient of career achievement awards including the American Bar Association Franklin Flaschner Award, the State Bar of Arizona James Walsh Award, the Judicial Excellence Award from the State Bar of Arizona and more.

Her long-lasting contributions also include work on AZPOINT. This program is characterized as the most significant change to protective order forms and law in the past three decades.