Mayor Weiers Issues Emergency Proclamation

Mayor Weiers Issues Emergency Proclamation
Posted on 06/19/2020


Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers has issued a Proclamation regarding the use of face coverings within the City of Glendale. This goes into effect at 12:01 a.m., Saturday, June 20, 2020. The Mayor, along with Glendale City Council, held an emergency meeting to decide how the city would proceed after Governor Ducey’s recent Executive Order which provided Arizona cities the authority to adopt policies regarding face coverings. The Mayor stated that his purpose in calling the emergency session was to allow public input and to allow the Councilmembers the legal and public opportunity to discuss face coverings among each other without violating state open meeting laws.

This Proclamation will mandate the use of face coverings for those in Glendale ages 6 and older in all public situations where social distancing may not be followed. The Proclamation allows several exceptions, these exceptions include those individuals who cannot wear a facial covering due to medical or mental health conditions, developmental disabilities, and those engaging in exercise and/or team sports. This Proclamation defines a face covering as a covering made of cloth, fabric or other soft or permeable material. Face coverings must be without holes and should cover the nose, mouth and surrounding areas of the lower face. It should fit snug against the side of the face and remain in place without the use of a person’s hands.

“The COVID-19 virus has caused me to think about and consider policy issues that I could never have imagined a year ago,” said Mayor Jerry Weiers. “I take my responsibility for the welfare of our community seriously and I cannot shy away from the impact COVID-19 has had throughout our community and beyond, but instead must be resolute in my actions in doing what I feel to be right for the health and well-being of Glendale citizens and visitors.”

The Mayor’s Proclamation reiterates that education is key and reinforces the act of the community coming together to do what is necessary for the health and well being of all. With the CDC recommendations in mind of ways to reduce the transmission of the virus, individuals should also maintain physical distance from others of at least 6 feet, wash their hands for more than 20 seconds, not touch their face and sanitizing their hands after coming in contact with public surfaces. Both the CDC and the AZ Department of Health Services recommend wearing face coverings when interacting with other people outside the home, saying the use of face coverings is highly effective in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.