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Glendale, AZ - Water Conservation
Glendale, AZ
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Water Conservation Resources and Programs for Educators and Youth

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Water Watchers Program

Water Watchers is a comprehensive program for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers in the Glendale water service area. The program progresses through each grade, where baseline knowledge of water-related issues is established in fourth grade and then applied towards real-life, service-learning projects in fifth and sixth grades.

The Water Watchers program is designed to supplement existing curriculum and provide
teacher support in the delivery of innovative water education activities. Teachers will receive
free resource materials and one-hour Discovery Station presentations from the Glendale Water
Conservation Office. Click here for more information (pdf).

Water Watcher Program Topics

image Water Conservation
image Water Cycle
image Watersheds
image Groundwater
image Water Resources
image Water Quality
image Arizona Water History
image Sonoran Desert Plant
image Animal Adaptations

Glendale, AZ - Water Watcher Program Kit
Water Education Kit
Guest Speaker Presentations
A unique element of the Water Watchers program involves guest speakers visiting classrooms and providing presentations on several water education topics.

image Groundwater Flow Model - During this interactive presentation, students will observe the interconnectedness of surface water and groundwater through a three-dimensional, groundwater flow model.

image Enviroscape Watershed Education Models -
By providing plenty of opportunities for student participation, this presentation allows students to watch how surface water moves through a watershed.

image Arizona Water History Trunk - Go back to the future during this presentation, which highlights the important role that water played in shaping Arizona. In the Arizona Water History trunk, students will find plenty of interesting artifacts and historical photos of Arizona in the 19th century.

Glendale, AZ -

Glendale, AZ -

Eligible Schools
The Water Watchers program is available to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers in public, private, and charter schools in the Glendale water service area. Please click here to see if your school is eligible for the Water Watchers program.

Enroll in the Water Watchers Program
To enroll your classroom in the Water Watchers program, please contact the Glendale Water Conservation Office at (623) 930-3550 or e-mail

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Free Puppet Shows

Free Puppet ShowsInvite the Great Arizona Puppet Theater to visit your school and teach students about good water conservation habits through a free puppet show. "Zoner and the Drip" is designed for students in grades 1and 2 and "Zoner and the Water Cycle" is designed for students in grades 3 and 4.

The puppet shows require a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 80 students per show and last approximately 50 minutes. Multiple shows can be booked back-to-back in order to accommodate additional students. If shows are booked back-to-back, please allocate a 15-minute break in between shows. The puppeteer arrives 30 minutes prior to the show for set-up and needs access to an electrical outlet. The puppeteer requires 30 minutes for breakdown.

To schedule a show, please contact the city of Glendale Water Conservation Office at (623) 930-3550. Register early. Shows are booked in the order they are received and dependant upon available funding.

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Books for Educators


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Curriculum for Educators

Water in Our DesertWater in Our Desert Community: Activities for Grades 6-9: An instructional resource for people who care about water and the Sonoran Desert, the activities in this water curriculum are meant to supplement the regular course curriculum. The activities include background information, reproducible student materials, a glossary and a list of resources.

The following activities will strengthen the students' awareness of the social, economic and environmental impact water has on all water users in Arizona.

image The Properties and Importance of Water
image History of Water in Arizona
image Local Water Resources
image Water Treatment
image Water Users
image Water Conservation
image Water Problems and Issues

For a FREE Copy
To obtain a free copy, please contact the city of Glendale Water Conservation Office at (623) 930-3550.

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