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Glendale, AZ
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Our Favorite Reads

Click on a name or picture to get book recommendations from library staff.



Anna, a Library Technology Specialist, has worked at both Main and Velma Teague Libraries for about 20 years (if she told you exactly how long, then she'd have to kill you).  She is an unabashed Anglophile who loves the city of London, costuming, theatre, museums, British TV and movies, really stylish (usually British) fictional villains, and the (very British) authors Terry Pratchett and Frances Hardinge. Her reading tastes are eclectic, with the only common thread being a wry, dry, and usually  -- you guessed it -- British sense of humor.

Cindy, Library Assistant II

Cindy is a Library Operations Supervisor in Circulation at Main Library, and has been with the City of Glendale for over 20 years. She loves health, fitness, personal development and is currently working on her Masters Certificate in Christian Life Coaching. Her book interest covers areas of self-improvement, health and fitness, cooking, animal stories and Christian fiction. If she’s not working, you can usually find her hiking or at the archery range! Her bucket list is endless as well as her interest in helping others with personal development!

Ivy, Reference Librarian

Ivy is an Adult Programming and Reference Librarian at Main Library.  She loves novels set in small towns (on either side of the ocean) with a fair number of quirky characters, cottages and castles, gardens, delicious food, female friendships, a romantic element, and a bit of magic.

Judy, Reference Librarian

Judy is an Adult Reference Librarian at the Velma Teague Library. She has also been the GPL computer trainer, helps lead the Brown Bag Booktalks, and spends a lot of time in the Youth Department. Although her favorite leisure time activity is reading, she is very active with her golden retriever Zoey. They are working toward Zoey becoming an official “Paws to Read” therapy dog. They may frequently be seen on hiking trails, agility courses or 5K races around Arizona. Those who attend the Brown Bag Booktalks know that Judy reads almost anything, and lots of it: mysteries, women’s fiction, healthy cooking, family sagas, travel, dogs, art, classical music and photography are frequent themes interwoven into her club selections.

Kathy, Collection Development Coordinator

Kathy is the Collection Development Coordinator for the library. She likes quirky humor, psychological suspense, genre mashups – and whatever else catches her eye when she’s ordering. She reads a lot of new books, and also likes new music. And she has cats that can shoot lasers from their eyes.

Kearsten, Teen Librarian

Kearsten is the Main Library’s Teen Librarian, and a self-appointed Queen of Book Clubs (she runs three clubs for the library, and belongs to two others).  She’ll read almost anything – youth, teen, adult, graphic novels, audiobooks, fiction, nonfiction – but tends to lean towards genre over realistic, and a violent apocalypse over “slice-of-life.”

Kristin, Administrative Librarian

Kristin is the administrative librarian at Foothills. She was the teen librarian for 14 years and now has young kids, so her reading varies from children, teen, and adult materials! For this list, she focused on great teen novels and graphic novels—including the title that made her want to be a teen librarian, The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier.

Lisa, Reference Librarian

A Librarian in Glendale for 15 years, all at the Main Library, Lisa especially enjoys books about dogs. Her current favorite is the mystery series by Spencer Quinn about Chet and Bernie, told from Chet the dog’s point of view. Howerver, she'll read almost anything with a dog (if it isn’t too sad), but if it doesn’t have one, she might read it anyway. 

Marlene, Digital Librarian

"Digital Librarian" Marlene works at the Main Library and likes to read historical fiction, including mysteries and fantasy. She also has a lifetime love of Jane Austen related fiction.

Merideth, Administrative Librarian

The Administrative Librarian for Public Service at the Main Library, Merideth loves Wonder Woman, female driven fantasy and soft sci-fi.   She is usually buried under a pile of schedules and post it notes, but likes crochet, comic books and geek culture when she can dig herself out.


Peggy works in adult reference at Foothills Branch Library and has been with the library for more than 18 years. She is the “go to” person for all things digital and loves reading on her tablet, listening to books on her phone or curling up with a good book. She reads just about anything – mystery, fantasy, literary fiction, coming of age stories, crochet, needlepoint and Disneyland are among her favorites.


Ray is a Lead Library Assistant at the Main Glendale Library and often refers to himself as a Ray of Sunshine...because, well, he is. Generally, he likes books that are funny or quirky, and set in reality. Realistic-fiction or literary fiction are the genres he loves most.


Sarah is an Adult Reference and Programming Librarian at Foothills Library and leads “A Novel Approach" book discussion group. She loves literary and historical fiction, cookbooks, decorating books, hiking guides, and an occasional memoir. Ouside of the library, Sarah enjoys seeing live music, theatre, hiking, and her Cocker Spaniel.


Stephanie G. Library Assistant 3 at Foothills

Stephanie G. is a Senior Library Assistant at the Foothills Branch, but she started out as a teen volunteer. She loves video games, anime, and manga as well as cosplaying and going to conventions. Although she hated reading when she was young, she doesn't mind it now. Most of what she reads is Youth or Teen fiction and that is what her list predominantly consists of. ^_^

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Glendale, AZ
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