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Glendale Public Library
Library Venue Use Policy

Effective Date:  11/1/18
Library meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reserving a Room

  1. The reserved time is the total time the user will occupy the room including any time needed by the lessee for set-up and clean-up.  Additional charges will be assessed for usage beyond the contracted time. 
  2. A two-hour minimum is required to reserve the use of a room.  Refunds are not issued for unused time.  Arrangements for use of Library’s meeting rooms must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of meeting date by an adult representative of the group or person requesting the room.  Applications and any accompanying documents are due within 2 days of placing the reservation.
  3. Meeting rooms may be scheduled for use during hours the Library is open to the public.  Before or after-hours use requires additional fees.
  4. Rooms may be reserved up to six months in advance.

To book a meeting room, please click here.

For more information about our facilities or the booking process, please contact the following:

Main Library:  Cynthia Burmeister at 623-930-3545
Foothills Library: Peggy Campbell at 623-930-3849

Please provide the following information:  your name, the name of the organization or group booking the room, and a contact number where you can be reached.  You will be contacted by Library staff within three (3) business days. 


  1. All fees are due within 1 week of the time the reservation is booked, including any applicable refundable cleaning deposits and after-hours fees.
  2. Payment can be made by credit card or debit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express), cashier’s check or money order, or with cash. Cashier’s check, money orders, and cash payments must be submitted in person at the Library Public Service Desk.  Personal or business checks must be received by the Library at least 30 days before the meeting room reservation.
  3. The user is required to pay for continuous use.  A “break” in the reserved time is not permitted.
  4. Additional charges will be assessed in the event that any damages have occurred, items are missing, use policies were not observed, and/or contract times were exceeded.
  5. Any violation of Library or meeting room policy may result in denial of future meeting room reservations.  Refunds will not be granted to groups that are asked to leave for violating policy.


  1. Short notice cancellations allow little or no time to book another event. The cancellation policy recovers a portion of the revenue lost from short notice cancellations. Fees will be refunded according to the following schedule:
45 or more days prior to event: Full refund, minus cancellation fee of 10% of total rental fees collected.
30 – 44 days prior to event: Refund minus 50% of total fees collected
29 days or less prior to event: No refund
  1. Users that cancel or modify their reservations repeatedly will be denied future room reservations.

Room Regulations:

  1. The person scheduling use of the facility must be over 18 and is responsible for the room whether or not the scheduler is personally in attendance throughout the scheduled time.  The user or his/her designee should have their copy of the user agreement with them.
  2. All regulations apply to all the guests and the user is responsible for their conduct.  The user shall be held monetarily liable for damage to equipment, furnishings, and the building, whether caused by the user, guests, exhibitors, or contractors, ordinary wear exempted.  Replacement and repair to above items will be made by the City and the cost of such repairs or replacement will be assessed to the user. Future use of the facilities may be denied.
  3. User may not charge fees for admission, materials, or services on site at the Library during meeting room use. User may restrict their meetings to their own members. 
  4. Room capacity may not be exceeded. Capacity varies with room configuration; please check with meeting room coordinator.
  5. The Library is not responsible for the physical arrangement or the condition of the facility.  User must perform their own set-up and return the meeting room to its original configuration prior to check-out.  The Library is not responsible for refreshments.  The Library will not provide equipment or supplies for user renting the facilities.  No outside furniture is allowed within the building.  The Library will not store items belonging to organizations.  Library property shall not be removed from the rooms or facility unless permission is granted in advance in writing.
  6. Users are permitted to post one sign announcing the event on the door of room being used. Signage must be removed at the conclusion of the meeting.  No additional flyers or posters may be deposited or posted on the Library building or on Library property.
  7. Publicity will not give the impression that the Library is a sponsor of the meeting.  User must provide a telephone number for the public to contact for information.  The Library will not give out information about meetings and the Library telephone number may not be used.
  8. Decorations and Flammable Material:
    • No decorations are allowed on any fixed glass surfaces.
    • No pins, staples, nails or similar fasteners are permitted on curtains, stage, walls, tables, chairs or other fixtures.
    • Decorations may be applied only with non-residual tape.  Decorations are only for rooms rented and not for hallways, lobbies, or other common areas.
    • No open flames are permitted with the exception of birthday candles.
    • No confetti or glitter is permitted.
  9. Smoking, alcohol, gambling activities, and animals (excepting service animals) are not permitted in the Library meeting rooms.
  10. Amplified music may be allowed only with written approval.  All sound must be contained in the immediate area and kept at a reasonable level, as determined by staff.  “Smoke” machines are not permitted.
  11. Users are responsible for supervising their own activities, including clean-up.  Facilities and equipment must be left in good condition.  Tables are to be wiped off, and spills must be removed from the floor as soon as possible.  All trash must be placed in appropriate containers.
  12. The Library assumes no responsibility for items, equipment, or decorations left at the facility.  Items left will be maintained at the Library’s Lost & Found for seven days.  After seven days, unclaimed items will be sent to the City of Glendale’s Materials Management Department for disposal.  The City reserves the right to charge storage for large items left.
  13. The Library reserves the right to control and manage its facilities and to enforce all necessary and proper rules.  All library announcements will be audible throughout the building including meeting spaces. Library staff will have full access at all times to all facility spaces.
  14. The Chief Librarian and the Community Services Director have full authority to grant, refuse or revoke permission to use the meeting rooms.
  15. The Chief Librarian and Community Services Director have authority to require monitoring staff whenever they deem it necessary to protect the interest of the City.  The size of the group and nature of the function will determine the number of staff required and any additional fee assessment.
  16. The Library reserves the right to relocate users to an alternate location if special circumstances arise.
  17. The Library/City reserves the right to eject from the premises any objectionable person or persons. Neither the City nor its officers, agents, or employees shall be liable to the user for any damages that may be sustained by user through the exercise by the Library/City of such right.
  18. Any violation of Library or meeting room policy will result in denial of future meeting room reservations. 


  1. All users must comply with all local fire and safety regulations and related state law.
  2. Users shall obtain all applicable permits.
  3. The fact that a user is permitted to use the Library’s meeting rooms does not in any way constitute the Library’s endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.    
  4. The Library/City assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed by the user in the facility.  User hereby expressly releases and discharges the Library and the City from any and all liabilities for any loss, injury or damages to property which may, or do arise out of, or be related to, the occupancy and use of the spaces under this agreement.  All protective services desired by the user must be arranged for by special agreement with the City, and the user is responsible for all costs connected therewith.
  5. Indemnification/Liability: The user shall indemnify and save harmless the Library/City from all loss, cost, and expense arising out of any liability, or claim of liability, for injury or damages to persons or property sustained, or claimed to have been sustained, by anyone whomsoever, resulting in whole or in part from any act or omission of the user or any of its officers, agents, employees, guest, patrons or invitees and user shall pay for any and all damage to the property of the Library/City, or loss or theft of such property, done or caused by such persons, save and excepting them from any claim rising out of or related to negligence of or by Library/City, its officers or employees.
  6. Assignment: The user shall not assign or “sublet” this agreement without the written consent of the Library.
  7. Notice of Default: The user and City mutually agree to provide reasonable notice and time to cure or remedy a default under this agreement, with the exception of situations involving personal safety, waste, and damage to the facilities.
  8. Termination by Library/City: The Library/City reserves the right to terminate the use granted by this agreement for good cause. Should the Library/City exercise this right, the user agrees to forego any and all claims for damages against the Library/City and further agrees to waive any and all rights which might arise by reason of the terms of this use, and user shall have no recourse of any kind against the Library/City.
  9. Patents, Trademarks, Licenses: User will assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised, or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes, or dramatic rights used on or incorporated in the event.
  10. Scheduling of Other Events: Library/City may schedule and contract with other events in parts of the facility that are not part of the user’s agreement. The Library/City may schedule and contract for similar events both before and after the dates of the user’s agreement without notice to the user, unless otherwise specified in writing in the contract.

Fee Schedule

Rental space
(sq. feet)
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Main Library
Small Meeting Room
2 hours
Large Meeting Room
2 hours
2 hours
Meeting Room Wing
2 hours
South Xeriscape Garden
2 hours
Front Lawn and Garden
2 hours
Foothills Branch Library
Hummingbird Room
2 hours
Roadrunner Room
2 hours
Eagle Room
2 hours
Quail Room
2 hours
Meeting Room Wing
2 hours

For additional information on these rental spaces, visit our Rental Opportunities page.





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