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People Build Libraries; Libraries Build Communities

---Jose Apontes

Here are your stories.

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Libraries Build CommunitiesWhen my youngest daughter was about 10 years old she wanted to live by the library. She even made me look at the model homes across the street from the Glendale Main Library, because that's where she wanted to live. She is now 31 years old and we have moved into that same neighborhood where she and I looked at the models. Her dad and I live about a half mile from the library and she now rents a house even closer than we are! We love the library, reading books, and the beauty of living close! --DeeDee Rotz

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Job Searching HelpWe are new to Glendale and wound up here as a result of the harsh economy. My husband and I are both well educated but unemployed and we are raising our granddaughter. As a result, our “budget” is pretty much non-existent. But with Glendale library we have a chance to go to places like the zoo and local museums through the culture pass program free. My granddaughter can choose from over hundreds of movie titles in the children’s media section when I cannot afford to take her to the movie theater or rent a “red box” movie. Last week, we had the pleasure of watching a live performance; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in the library auditorium. This was also free of charge.

Sometimes just being greeted or assisted by a friendly face is enough to make you smile for the day. The staff is always friendly and they seem to go out of their way to help.

My husband and I also had the opportunity to attend a resume writing workshop last week. I used to teach similar workshops and went in thinking “What could this man possibly have to say that I have not already heard?!” Two hours later I felt a new sense of hope, reassured that I still have marketable skills. I also enjoyed the opportunity to see the hiring process of employment from a different perspective. Both my husband and I were engrossed in this workshop and two hours passed as if it were two minutes.

We came to the library and in turn we were given keys that opened doors to our imagination, to education, entertainment and so much more. I come here for what is inside the walls of this magical building as well as what is outside.

Greeted by the peacocks and being afforded the opportunity to watch them truly highlights my day sometimes. I intentionally park around the back to I can have a better chance to interact with them. They have taught me to slow down and appreciate my environment. The Glendale library is awesome and I am thankful for all it has to offer. It is priceless :0) --Susan Beyer

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Teacher's Collection
I am a schoolteacher in our community. The Foothills Branch Library, and the wonderful people who work there, have meant the world to me---professionally and personally.
First, I am so grateful for the life-enriching experiences the library personnel have brought to my students and to me. When my students and I are going to study Arizona, I call the library with a request; and before long, I can go and pick up a big box of books, music, and/or videos about Arizona which we use, foundationally, to begin our learning adventure. This year, the elementary school at which I work, decided to follow Mary Poppins (and Dick Van Dyke) by jumping into the magical sidewalk fantasy of adventurous learning experiences---and our whole fourth grade decided to study a foreign country---Italy! Yet again, the wonderful Foothills staff put together educational materials that helped make some exciting academic gains possible, for my mentally disabled children. Their gifts of time and thoughtful, considerate choices, make the world more comprehensible for my handicapped student population. I am a grateful teacher.
Additionally, I am also enriched as a person, by having long-term relationships with the exceptional staff employed at the Foothills Branch library. I was a patron of the, also beautiful, Glendale Public Library, before the Foothills Branch had even been built. We waited with joyful anticipation of the birth of the Foothills Branch Library, and we were not disappointed. I remember the Glendale librarians putting aside books to give to the Foothills Branch when it opened. What a rich and wonderful history of community, of welcoming, of supporting . . . . I am grateful, in this season of Thanksgiving, to be part of this caring, competent community. Thank you so much. --Lynn Weeks

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Childrens program
The Glendale Public Library has played such an important role in helping kids and adults expand their knowledge. I am very thankful for this library because it offers many activities for kids and adults such as sports, computers, books and much more. I also love how it has sections specifically listed for kids, teens, and adults. The librarians and empolyees there have been really helpful and they also play an important role in keeping the library a safe and clean place. --Anonymous

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Special needs story time
My 13-year old son, Joshua, has High Functioning Autism. I started bringing him to the library at a young age, because we are firm believers that the library is a great place to learn. Most everyone there knows Joshua by now, and you have been very nice and patient towards him. He enjoys coming there because he feels so welcome. For that matter you have treated my daughter, Jessica, with kindness and patience as well. She has Asperger's Syndrome. Thanks for making us feel like family and supporting kids with Special Needs. You are all so wonderful! --Jill Wenninger

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I love the Glendale libraries
I love the Glendale libraries and currently visit Main almost every day. I play audiobooks in the car and when I'm busy in the kitchen. It's nice to feel that I'm accomplishing two things at once - getting chores done and expanding my mind, all at the same time. I always have a book or two that I'm reading and a few DVDs from the library for evening relaxation, to divert my thoughts from world news and the histrionics of the stock market.

I'm grateful that the library has enough computers available that I have ready access whenever I need it. I do my banking, bill paying, investing and online shopping every day at the library. You can see that the library and its services play a big part in my life, and I'm thankful that Glendale has invested wisely in its public libraries. - Anonymous

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Thankful for the Library
A year and a half ago, we moved from Glendale to Avondale. Although we loved the schools up here, and my wife still worked in the area, we could not afford the cost of living after my wife changed jobs. We didn't know how we were going to work out our schedule with just one car and the kids going to school up here and getting out at 3:30 and my wife working till after 5:00 each day. The library became our answer. We are able to come here after the kids get out of school (except on Thursdays) :( and have a great environment for the kids to do their homework and then relax quietly until it's time to pick up mom and go home. Without the library, we would be forced to go to the mall or a fast food restaurant every afternoon. Neither of those is very conducive to doing homework or relaxing. The library has been a godsend for us. . . . We are here so often that all the librarians and volunteers know my kid's names, and that makes them feel very much at home. Thank you Foothills library staff for a great year and a half. We plan on a long relationship with "our" library. -K. Nichols

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Marlowe's StoryI'm a stay at home mom of two little ones and our family has been blessed beyond measure by the Glendale Library. Our library card has afforded us cultural and educational opportunities that would otherwise be too expensive for us to enjoy. This year we've visited the Zoo, Children's Museum the Science Museum. I know of the importance of early childhood education and experiences (because I read about them in a few dozen books on parenting from our city's collection as well as books generously shared through the inter-library loan system!)

Personally, I've benefited from learning many domestic skills that I didn't pick up in college or my former office life. I've dabbled in gardening, cooking, sewing, organizing, "green" alternatives, backyard homesteads (..and even one book on DIY funerals...just for giggles...) Now even on our modest budget, our family can enjoy the organic produce growing right outside in the yard!

This year, I came across The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer & it has challenged me to take a stab at reading Classical Literature. This book showed me how much I was missing by having overlooked the Great Works of history! Reading Moby Dick took place over a long & painful two months. But afterwards, my mind was hungry for more. There is something truly magical about being able to have the undivided attention of a genius who is otherwise separated from me by space and time. Thanks to the library, I was able to stumble upon this gem of an insight by accident.

Each week before story time, my toddler runs up to the art piece outside of Velma Teague and searches for the tiny, clay hand print we made together at one of the Jazz & Blues festivals. I know that as the years pass, she'll feel a connection to the community every time she visits this cornerstone of our society, and sees her hand print with the words "Samirah and her Mama" preserved within. --Marlowe Myers Garay

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