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Requesting Items Via Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the borrowing and lending of materials between libraries. If the Glendale Public Library does not have the material you need, we can attempt to get it for you through the ILL system. We will try to find a library that has the material, and ask that library to loan it to us so we can loan it to you. We will have the best luck in our search for the material if you can provide the author, title, publisher and date of publication.

Who can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Anyone who has a current Glendale Public Library card can use the service. You must be in good standing, that is, you must have no outstanding fines or overdues.

Where can I place a request, and what does it cost?

  1. You may submit an Interlibrary Loan Request Form online;
  2. You may request an interlibrary loan at one of the Public Service Desks at any of our library locations; or
  3. You may call to request an interlibrary loan at 623-930-3531 (Main Library), 623-930-3831 (Foothills Branch), or 623-930-3431 (Velma Teague Branch).

You can search for more information about the materials you want to request by using the free search at However, you cannot submit interlibrary loan requests directly from this database.  You must use the Interlibrary Loan Request Form linked above.

The interlibrary loan service is free of charge, unless the lending library requires reimbursement for shipping. Most loans are free; we will inform you of any charges before we borrow any items on your behalf.

When the material arrives, we will inform you using the same method you receive your hold notices from the library, by phone, mail or email. You will pick up the material at the Public Service Desk of the Main Library, the Foothills Branch or the Velma Teague Branch, depending on which library you specified in your request.

We make every effort to fill your request. However, we may be unable to obtain your material because no participating library has purchased it, because the material is in heavy demand at all participating libraries, because the material is rare or is a limited edition, or because the material is a reference work and cannot be borrowed via ILL.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can order via ILL?

Each patron is limited to no more than a combined five interlibrary loan items, either on order or checked out, at any given time. Any items requested over the limit of five will not be processed until other items are returned.

How long does it take to get material?

The speed of the service depends on the availability of your material at participating libraries, as well as on the distance of, and speed of processing at, those libraries. Requests typically take ten days to one month to fill.

How long may I keep the material?

You may keep the material for three weeks, unless the lending library sets a shorter loan period. Since a lending library occasionally sets a relatively short loan period, we recommend that you pick up your material as soon as we notify you that it is available.

We can extend the due date on the material only if the lending library allows such an extension. If you need to request an extension, you should contact the Interlibrary Loan Office at 623-930-3558 at least three working days before the material is due. The decision to renew is made by the lending library. We cannot guarantee that permission to renew items will be granted.

The fine for overdue material borrowed via ILL is $1.00 per day, per item, with a maximum overdue fine per item of $10.00.

What about copies of articles?

You may obtain photocopies of magazine or journal articles through ILL. When you make your request, please supply us with the title of the article, as well as the title, date, volume number (if available), and the page numbers of the magazine or journal in which the article appears.

If you prefer, we can mail the photocopy to you. Remember to give us your mailing address when you make your request.

Your use of the photocopy must follow the provisions for fair use specified in the federal Copyright Act. Generally, this means you may use the photocopy for personal study; you may not reproduce it for any other purpose without obtaining permission from the holder of the copyright. Under copyright law, you cannot request more than five articles from a single magazine or journal in a year.

What about genealogical material?

Genealogical materials, such as family histories and documents in archives, are sometimes difficult to obtain. Occasionally a library will photocopy such materials in response to a request. For any genealogical request, you should be sure to provide us with the family names you are researching.

Some libraries are able to provide old newspapers on microfilm. They usually charge for this service. When we determine the charge, we will ask you to make your check out to the library that will be lending you the film. This speeds the process of obtaining your material.

The Main Library at 5959 W. Brown St. has self-service microfilm reader machines. No printing is available from these machines.

The Glendale Public Library subscribes to two genealogy databases, Ancestry Library Edition and Gale Genealogy Connect. Both databases have extensive genealogical information, including family histories, census documents, passenger lists, etc. Both databases are freely available for use inside any of our library locations. You may also access Gale Genealogy Connect from outside the library if you have a current library card in good standing (no excessive fines or overdue materials). You must come into the library to use Ancestry Library Edition.

You might also consider visiting one of the genealogical libraries in the greater Phoenix area, including the Mesa Family History Library.

Can I borrow census films from the National Archives?

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) no longer loans census microfilm free of charge. The film must now be either rented or purchased. For more information about how to obtain census microfilm, see How to Obtain Microfilm on the NARA website. When you make your request, please make your check payable to the National Archives, not the Glendale Public Library. Catalogs of census microfilms and order blanks are available at the Main Library Public Service Desk or from the NARA website. The film(s) will be mailed directly to the address you specify.

What cannot be ordered through ILL?

We cannot obtain the following materials via ILL: phonodiscs, compact discs, videocassettes, DVDs, audiocassettes, new bestsellers, and reference works.


Please contact the Interlibrary Loan Office at the Glendale Main Library, 5959 W. Brown St., 623-930-3558. The ILL office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If the ILL staff are out of the office, please leave a voice message including your name and phone number. If you are requesting interlibrary loans by phone, we ask that you limit your requests to three per call.

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