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Crisis Response Internship Information

Complete Your Practicum or Internship with the Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Program

We know that you have many choices as to where you can do your internship, and we want to thank you for your interest in applying for the Glendale Fire Department’s Crisis Response Program. With the Glendale Fire Department’s Crisis Response Program, you’ll be offered the chance to:

  • Learn crisis intervention
  • Work alongside firefighters, hospital emergency room staff, law enforcement officers, and other community agencies
  • Experience real life situations where you can put your knowledge, skills and abilites into play in a unique way.

The CR Program is not all about trauma. You could assist and support individuals in the community that may need a ride home after an accident or aid a homeless family find food and shelter. You could offer a blanket or a stuffed animal to a child after their home was destroyed in a fire. You will provide the very best customer service possible to those in need at any hour of the day or night.

You will be working from Glendale Fire Station #158. You will be dispatched to the types of calls listed here:

  • Assault
  • Death
  • Drowning
  • Homicide
  • Pediatric Fatality
  • Suicides
  • Traffic Fatality
  • Working Fire
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Child/Elder Abuse/Neglect

The experiences are unending. Nowhere will you find a better-rounded practicum or internship program that will enable you for the real world upon graduation.

The Crisis Response Program is currently accepting interns from the following universities and colleges:

  • Arizona State University School of Social Work*
  • Arizona State University School of Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Arizona State University School of Social and Family Dynamics
  • Arizona State University Department of Psychology
  • Northern Arizona University School of Social Work
  • University of Arizona Department of Sociology
  • University of Arizona Department of Psychology
  • University of Southern California

*ASU social work students will do 24 hours a week. No exceptions.

Application & Training Process:

To start the process, students need to complete the steps listed on the Observation Ride Program web page. The documents that are attached to the links need to be returned to the CR Coordinator either via email or dropped off at Glendale Fire Admin (6829 N. 58th Dr.).

Click here for more detailed information on the application process and training dates.

Once all the documents are received, the student will be contact by the CR Coordinator to schedule the required 12 hour observation ride (7:30 AM – 8:00 PM). After the observation ride is completed, the CR Coordinator will contact the student to ask about their experience and discuss if CR would be a beneficial internship. If it is agreed that the intern would like to move forward in the process, an interview will be scheduled.

If the intern passed the oral interview, they will be notified by the CR Coordinator and invited to start training. The student must be able to attend all classroom trainings. If the student cannot attend a training, they should not start the process. ALL classroom trainings are mandatory.

Part of the assignments as a GFD CR intern include:                      

  • Captain requested follow-up (depending on intern’s degree)
  • Resource book updates

For direct intern supervisor, intern will be required to meet the internship supervisor during their office hours. Weekend office hours are not available; student must make appointments during the work week.

Interns will be assigned a weekly set shift, meaning they will report for their shift on the same day, each week. A shift will either be 12 or 24 hours per week. A shift can start at either 7:30 AM or at 7:30 PM.

Interns are expected to work during all school breaks (winter and spring break) unless they are able to find another intern or volunteer to cover their assigned shift. This will be discussed during training. Any missed shifts will be made up before the end of the semester(s).

For questions, please contact Sara Steffen (


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