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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ
Glendale, AZ
Welcome to Glendale's Community and Economic Development Website, a one-stop location fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and hometown traditions ready to serve you. World-class sporting franchises and dynamic corporations and universities all work together here to seamlessly create the perfect location for your business. Community and Economic Development Services are designed to expedite and facilitate economic development activities in Glendale to ensure we remain the fastest option in the Valley to get your business operational. The department includes three divisions:
Glendale, AZ - Development Services

Economic Development, Building Safety and Planning & Zoning services, allowing for a single experience to handle all of your greater development needs. On behalf of the entire team, we welcome your call and hope to have the opportunity to prove to you exactly why so many corporations are choosing to call Glendale home. My colleagues (pictured below) and I have been proudly working for Glendale for a combined total of 76 years! We share a strong team dynamic, a passion for what we do, and we know and love our community. We are at your service! Please explore below and feel free to contact us at (623) 930-2800.

Brian Friedman
Executive Director, CED



To ensure total client satisfaction and peace of mind through the design and development experience, we proudly offer customized assistance from the first “hello” to project completion. Tabitha Perry, Assistant Planning Director, also serves as the CED Department's Executive Project Liaison to guide our clients through a streamlined process between the Economic Development, Planning and Building Safety Divisions. With 13 years of service with the city, she has managed many of the city’s high-profile projects. Her expertise in implementing flexibility and creative solutions to regulatory requirements is impressive and strengthens CED’s excellent customer service. This innovative approach is what allowed Tanger Outlets to be planned, designed and opened, from start to finish, in exactly eight months.

We understand time is money and have crafted and refined a unique development experience that is seamless. We proudly offer a list of testimonials from past customers and hope to show you exactly why we are the fastest option to get your business in business.
Read our testimonials.

Contact Tabitha directly at 623-930-2596 or email her at

Glendale, AZ - Economic Development
Tabitha Perry, Assistant Planning Director & Department's Executive
Project Liaison


Glendale, AZ - Economic Development
Dave McAlindin
Economic Development Official
Contact Dave at 623-930-2996

Glendale's Economic Development is based on four pillars: Business attraction, business retention and expansion, redevelopment and business assistance. One of our greatest strengths is the wide range of backgrounds and experiences of the economic development staff. This collection of diverse talents plays a crucial role in bringing new businesses,  jobs and revenue to Glendale. By quickly responding to the needs of our clients, we enhance Glendale’s ability to attract new investment to the city.

Glendale, AZ - Building Safety
Stephen Dudley
Building Safety Official
Contact Stephen at 623-930-3130

Glendale's Building Safety is the central resource for the building construction process and building code information. Through building inspection, plan review, and permit issuance for all construction related projects, we ensure the life safety of Glendale residents and visitors through the implementation of building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes. 

Glendale, AZ - Planning
Jon Froke
Planning Director
Contact Jon at 623-930-2585

Glendale's Planning & Zoning provides professional, quality customer service in a friendly responsive manner in order to:
Glendale, AZ - Bullets Assist the public, elected and appointed officials in planning for future land use, development, and re-development in harmony with community values
Glendale, AZ - Bullets Facilitate community involvement in decision-making process
Glendale, AZ - Bullets Administer adopted regulations and guidelines in a fair and impartial manner
Glendale, AZ - Bullets Manage the annexation, zoning, subdivision, and design review process efficiently
Glendale, AZ - Bullets And resolve to the best of our ability the inevitable issues and conflicts associated with changing land use and development.


Midwestern University is a private, not-for-profit, health care university that educates over 25 professions, offering both master’s and doctorate degrees. Midwestern University has spent the past 17 years building an extensive Glendale campus, managing more than 38 building projects. Most recently, the University went through an extensive zoning and planning project and with the strong assistance with the City of Glendale staff, we successfully managed the project to a very positive outcome for all parties. Our experience was a true partnership with the members of the staff. They were supportive, caring and represented the very best of a private and public partnership.  It is with great respect that I would endorse the excellent service received by Midwestern University.

Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Midwestern University

DeVry University relied heavily on the City of Glendale’s Department of Economic Development for locating and building a new university center in Glendale at Westgate. DeVry was very gratified by the rapid response from the Department of Economic Development to questions and needs that came up during the negotiation and building phases of the project. The help that DeVry University received from the Department of Economic Development was instrumental in the University’s ability to locate in Glendale. The trust that was built between the University and the Department of Economic Development has led to continuing friendships between the two organizations and the easy ability to work together on new projects. The City of Glendale’s Department of Economic Development will always be remembered by DeVry University as a great facilitator in the project to locate a university center in the preferred location of Westgate.

Jeff H. Blake
Glendale Center Dean, DeVry University





Glendale, AZ - Welcome
Glendale, AZ
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