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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ
Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Glendale, AZ - Transportation Glendale, AZ - Transportation Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Neighborhood Programs

Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Bike in Glendale
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Block Party Permit
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Bicycle Helmet Information
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Report Street Light Outage
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Traffic Counts
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Neighborhood Traffic Concern
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Report a Traffic Signal Issue
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Clean and Green Newsletter

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Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Carpool & Vanpool
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Express Park-and-Ride
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Glendale Urban Shuttle (GUS)
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Learn How to Ride the Bus
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Medical Trip Taxi
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Transit Home Page
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Trip Planner

Traffic-Related Information
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 City Restrictions/Closures
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Valley Restrictions/Closures

Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Important Info for Contractors
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Barricade Permits
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Traffic Signal Standards
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Street Light Manual/Guidelines
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 North Glendale Park and
     Ride/Transit Center RFQ

Glendale, AZ - Transportation
Glendale, AZ - Video Glendale HOV Ramps Open at the Loop 101 and Maryland Ave.: Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers & Councilmember Sam Chavira were among those who cut the ribbon on the new Maryland Avenue HOV ramps located at Loop 101.This project, while located in Glendale, has regional implications. The sports facilities in Glendale's Sports and Entertainment District attract hundreds of thousands of people annually from the state and the region and the new amenity will improve traffic flow to and from these venues, as well as benefit commuters using the nearby Park and Ride lot. Watch now
Glendale, AZ - Video Grand Avenue Transportation Improvements: New improvements to Grand Avenue will encourage economic development and give a positive image of Grand Avenue to residents and motorists. This video covers some of the improvements that have been made to Grand Ave. Glendale has been working with ADOT for almost 8 years to make these
Improvements from Camelback Road to 75th Ave. Bob Darr gives an overview of the project. Watch now
Glendale, AZ - Video

Northern Parkway Phase One Dedication: The first phase of the Northern Parkway Program, between Sarival and Dysart, was recently dedicated by dignitaries including Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, Vice Mayor Yvonne Knaack and Councilmember Gary Sherwood. The Northern Parkway Program will run from Loop 303 to US60/Grand Avenue and is a transportation partnership of El Mirage, Glendale, Peoria, Maricopa County Department of Transportation and Maricopa Association of Governments.  Watch now

Glendale, AZ - Video

Propane Dial-A-Ride Buses: Glendale Transportation received the first of three propane Dial-A-Ride buses on Sept. 4. These buses, as well as several others, were paid for with regional and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funding. Watch now

Glendale, AZ - Video Dump the Pump: Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers and Councilmember Sam Chavira were joined by representatives from Valley Metro to celebrate Dump the Pump. Dump the Pump is a nationwide initiative to encourage people to use public transit. Watch now
Glendale, AZ - Video

HAWK pedestrian signals: Chris Lemka, Principal Traffic Engineer for Glendale, explains what drivers should do when approaching a HAWK beacon traffic signal. Check it out.
In-depth and behind the scenes: For a look at the more technical side - watch now.

Glendale, AZ - Video What Glendale Transportation Means to You: Check out this video highlighting the many benefits of Glendale's Public Works departments and services. Watch now
Glendale, AZ - Transportation
Go! Glendale Onboard logo 2014 Transportation Open House
Residents are invited to attend an open house to learn about projects included in the Glendale Onboard (GO) Transportation Program. The GO Program Open House will be held from 4:30 – 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 23 at the Glendale Civic Center, 5750 W. Glenn Drive.

This opportunity will give residents a chance to speak with Glendale transportation representatives and engineering consultants, learn more about current and upcoming transportation projects and provide input on the program. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions on such projects as the Light Rail, Grand Avenue, the Northern Parkway, Loop 303 and the Grand Canal and New River bicycle paths. If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 623-930-2940.
Image of streetlight to accompany streetlight form story, highlighting the online reporting form. Did You Know? You Can Report a Streetlight Outage Online!
Reporting streetlight outages is quick and easy. Fill out our online form to alert us to an outage today. Click here
Dust Storm Dangers videos Dust Storm Dangers
ADOT continues its efforts to increase public awareness about the dangers of driving in a dust storm. Watch the videos.
Glendale, AZ - Transportation VIDEO SERIES - Easy Riders: Public Transit for Everyone
Check out our special YouTube video series on everything you need to know about trip planning and riding the bus in Glendale. Watch now!
Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Peoria Avenue ITS and Downtown DMS Project
Glendale is expanding its use of technology to manage traffic. Click here to find out more about the project to install fiber optic cable and traffic monitoring cameras on Peoria Avenue along with electronic message signs on 59th and Glendale avenues leading into downtown.

Glendale, AZ - News Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Slideshow
Transportation Services hosted the official opening of the Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge over the Loop 101 at 63rd Avenue in May 2011. More info and photo slideshow>>
Glendale, AZ - Transportation Education

Go Green, Get Green$! B.A.G. I.T. Program
Learn to ride the Bus, GUS (Glendale Urban Shuttle) and the Light Rail with one of Glendale’s BAG IT (Bus and GUS Individual Training) sessions. Classes are held at the Glendale Adult Center in room 102, located at 5970 W. Brown Street. For more information on class schedules and dates, call Barb Caviness at 623-930-2035. Read more

Glendale, AZ - Transportation Education Are you turning your child to face forward too soon?
Never turn your child forward-facing before age 1 and 20 pounds. For the best possible protection, keep your infant in a rear-facing child safety seat in a back seat for as long as possible, up to the height or weight limit of the particular seat. Learn more at
Click here to watch an informational video.

Glendale, AZ - Travel Green Logo

Learn About Glendale's Travel Green
Travel Green in the City of Glendale provides you with information, tools and resources to help residents, employers and employees make wise choices about how to get around. We want to encourage our citizens to explore the options in transportation. Read more


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