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Humorous Fiction for Junior High Teens

These titles are located throughout the library; please find the location in the catalog by clicking on the title. 

Allen, M.E. – Gotta Get Some Bish Bash Bosh (198 pages) – After getting dumped by his girlfriend, a fourteen-year-old English boy attempts to change his image.

Bauer, Joan - Squashed (194 pages) – As sixteen-year-old Ellie pursues her two goals—growing the biggest pumpkin in Iowa and losing twenty pounds herself—she strengthens her relationship with her father and meets a young man with interests similar to her own.

Cabot, Meg – How to Be Popular (288 pages) – Sixteen-year-old Steph Landry finds an old book on how to be popular and decides to change her social status by following its advice, much to the bafflement of her two best friends.

Curtis, Christopher Paul – Bucking the Sarge (259 pages) – Deeply involved in his cold and manipulative mother’s shady business dealings in Flint, Michigan, fourteen-year-old Luther keeps a sense of humor while running the Happy Neighbor Group Home for Men, all the while dreaming of going to college and becoming a philosopher.

DeVillers, Julia – How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller (212 pages) – A young woman accidentally turns in a private story from her journal instead of an English assignment and becomes a best-selling author almost overnight.

Ehrenhaft, Daniel – Tell it to Naomi (200 pages) – In a harebrained scheme concocted by his neurotic older sister to forge a romantic relationship with the girl of his dreams, fifteen-year-old Dave Rosen pretends to be a female advice columnist for school newspaper.

Ferris, Jean – Love among the Walnuts (216 pages) – Born and raised in isolation in a wealthy, eccentric family, Sandy is shocked when he, his parents, and their servants become victims of a vicious plot by his greedy uncles to incapacitate them and take their money.

Garfinkle, Debra – Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl (184 pages) – Fourteen-year-old high school student Michael “Storky” Pomerantz’s journal describes his freshman year, from dealing with his mother’s dating his dentist to attempting to win the heart of the girl he loves.

Hardman, Ric Lynden – Sunshine Rider: the First Vegetarian Western (343 pages) - Wylie, a seventeen-year-old assistant cook on a cattle drive, has many adventures during which he turns vegetarian and decides to become a doctor. Includes recipes.

Ives, David – Scrib (188 pages) - In 1863, a sixteen-year-old boy nicknamed Scrib travels around the West making his living writing and delivering letters, an occupation that leads to him nearly getting killed, being jailed as a criminal, joining up with the notorious Crazy James Kincaid, and delivering a letter from President Abraham Lincoln to a Paiute Indian.

Juby, Susan – Alice, I Think (290 pages) - Fifteen-year-old Alice keeps a diary as she struggles to cope with the embarrassments and trials of family, dating, school, work, small town life, and a serious case of "outcastitis."

Korman, Gordon - Son of the Mob (262 pages) – Seventeen-year-old Vince's life is constantly complicated by the fact that he is the son of a powerful Mafia boss, a relationship that threatens to destroy his romance with the daughter of an FBI agent.

LaRochelle, David – Absolutely, Positively Not (219 pages) – Chronicles a boy’s humorous attempts to fit in at his Minnesota high school by becoming a macho, girl-loving, “Playboy” pinup-displaying heterosexual.

Limb, Sue – Girl, 15, Charming but Insane (214 pages) – Fifteen-year-old Jess, living with her mum, separated from her father in Cornwall, and with a best friend who seems to do everything perfectly, finds her own assets through humor.

Lubar, David – Sleeping Freshman Never Lie (279 pages) - While navigating his first year of high school and awaiting the birth of his new baby brother, Scott loses old friends and gains some unlikely new ones as he hones his skills as a writer.

Mlynowski, Sarah – Bras & Broomsticks (311 pages) - Living in New York City with her mother and her younger sister, Miri, fourteen-year-old Rachel tries to persuade Miri, who has recently become a witch, to help her become popular at school and to try to stop their divorced father's wedding.

Rallison, Janette – Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws (185 pages) – High school freshmen Josie and Cami try to remain best friends as they compete for basketball awards and boys.

Rennison, Louise – Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging (247 pages) – The humorous journal of a year in the life of a fourteen-year-old British girl who tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop her mad cat from terrorizing the neighborhood animals, and win the love of handsome hunk Robbie.

Townsend, Sue – The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ (185 pages) - Adrian's diary documents his attempts to adjust to his parents' approaching divorce and his feelings about his first love, a new girl in school named Pandora.

Whytock, Cherry – My Cup Runneth Over: the Life of Angelica Cookson Potts (163 pages) – Believing she is too big, fourteen-year-old Angel tries dieting and kick-boxing to lose weight, but thanks to her friends and the school fashion show, she discovers that her size is just right. Includes recipes.

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