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MYAC Christmas Angels

Members of the Glendale Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC) recently got together to share some holiday cheer.  Fifteen members of MYAC used money that they had raised through community service and fundraising projects to purchase Christmas gifts for kids that would otherwise be without this holiday season. 

Every year MYAC uses a portion of their funds to purchase Christmas gifts through the Holiday Angels program.  This year, the group broke their own record by purchasing gifts for 48 kids!! 

MYAC is a group of 50 high school students who live within the corporate boundaries of Glendale.  The youth commission volunteers for community service activities, raises funds to redistribute to the community through projects like holiday angels, and serves as liaison to the Mayor and City Council as the foremost voice for issues related to youth in the community.   

Holiday Angels is one of the more popular community service opportunities that the MYAC members take part in throughout the year.  Each year they also enjoy creating a team and camping out at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and painting homes for Glendale’s less fortunate through the Rock and Roll Paint-A-Thon. 



During the downtown Glendale Glitters festival, MYAC raises money by managing the Snow Fields where kids from Glendale and surrounding communities have the rare opportunity to play in real snow.  During the Chocolate Affaire festival in February, MYAC sells raffle tickets for a 300 pound chocolate heart that is donated by Cerreta Candy Company in Glendale.  

MYAC also has their own monthly television show on Glendale Channel 11 called Teens Today and participates in Student Government Day where they are able to shadow a city official for an entire morning to get a better understanding of municipal government. 

In addition to all of their annual traditions, MYAC takes on at least one new large project each year. Last year, MYAC raised enough money to feed 8,000 hungry people by creating a raffle to benefit the St. Mary’s West Valley Food Bank.  In past years, MYAC has created public service announcements about the dangers of street racing and the negative consequences of graffiti.  The commission has donated comfort items to Luke Air Force Base troops deployed overseas, and has worked with organizations like the local Boys and Girls Club and the Glendale Family Development Center to provide needed materials and fun for their service recipients. 

Beginning each spring, the Glendale Mayor’s Office accepts applications for the Glendale Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission.  To be eligible, a student must be high school age (9th – 12th grade) during the upcoming school year. He or she must live in the city of Glendale, but can attend school outside of the city.  Applications can be downloaded on the City of Glendale website at and must be completed and turned in along with letters of recommendation by the established deadline.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Glendale Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission, please contact Anne Finch in the Glendale Office of the Mayor at 623-930-2260. 

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