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Historic Preservation Commission - Ruth Byrne Award

Glendale, AZ - Ruth Byrne Award

Ruth Byrne Historic Preservation Award

The award is named after Ruth Byrne, a Glendale native, who made significant contributions to historic preservation in the city of Glendale.

The Glendale Historic Preservation Commission is now accepting nominations for the 19th Annual Ruth Byrne Historic Preservation Award. The award recognizes landmarks, individuals or organizations for outstanding contributions to Glendale’s historic heritage. The Glendale Historic Preservation Commission will review the submitted nominations, and the award will be presented in May by the City Council to coincide with National Historic Preservation Month.

Nominate someone for the 2015 Ruth Byrne Historic Preservations Award

Nominations must be received no later than Tuesday, March 31 and should be sent to Jon Froke, Planning Director, city of Glendale Planning Department, 5850 W. Glendale Ave., Suite 212, Glendale, Arizona 85301; or by e-mail to

Previous winners:

  • 2013 David Chang – work associated with his investment and restoration of numerous historic buildings. These buildings are all located in Historic Downtown Glendale
  • 2012 Ron Short, FAICP – outstanding service and dedication in advancing historic preservation efforts in the private sector and acting as a champion for such efforts
  • 2011 Thunderbird Tower Restoration Committee – restoration of Tower at the Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • 2010 Natalie Stahl – restoration of the C.H. Tinker House and spearheading neighborhood improvement initiatives in Orchard Glen, particularly through the Weed & Seed Program
  • 2010 Mrs. Henning’s After School Technology Class at Glendale American School – a historic preservation project honoring Glendale’s Centennial
  • 2009 Nelda Crowell – outstanding service and dedication in preserving the history of Thunderbird Field
  • 2008 John Akers – outstanding service for his historic preservation efforts and service to the community
  • 2007 Glendale Woman’s Club – outstanding service to the community and preservation of the clubhouse
  • 2006 Julia Phillips – outstanding service as Sahuaro Ranch tour guide and preserving Glendale’s history
  • 2005 Lori Green – contributions to preservation efforts in Catlin Court
  • 2005 Dan Kallberg – preserving the story of the Glendale Police Department through the Glendale Police Museum
  • 2004 Juanita Buckley – preservation of a 1919 bungalow, creating the Marty Robbins Museum, and annual music festival
  • 2003 Charles Sands and Louis “Buzzard” Sands IV – support for Manistee Ranch, the date grove acquisition, and financial and technical assistance in restoration of the ranch house
  • 2002 Ruth Byrne – recognition of 20 years of energetic involvement in all aspects of historic preservation and education in the City of Glendale and exemplifying innovative leadership in community preservation activities
  • 2001 Sandy Kralovetz – preservation & revitalization of the 1917 Christian Church bungalow and preservation efforts in Catlin Court
  • 2001 Larry Rovey – support of the Sahuaro Ranch Foundation and preservation of Glendale’s Agrarian heritage
  • 2000 Carol and Dr. Charles St. Clair – significant contributions to historic preservation in Glendale
  • 1999 Sue Branch – contribution to the revitalization of the Catlin Court specialty area of downtown Glendale
  • 1999 Glendale Historical Society – 25 years of contributions to historic preservation efforts in Glendale
  • 1998 Martha Campbell – preservation and restoration of a Glendale landmark in the Catlin Court Historic District
  • 1997 Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs – for her leadership in preserving the 100-year old Manistee Ranch main house and palm grove
  • 1996 Richard Coffinger – preserving and restoring the First National Bank building in downtown Glendale

For questions or more information, call Jon Froke at 623-930-2585.





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