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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ


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City of Glendale - Community Partnerships

Who We Are:

A partnership of employees and community members working together to enhance the quality of life through civic education, housing assistance, housing rehabilitation, community volunteerism, affordable housing, neighborhood services and neighborhood revitalization.

Services and programs offered through three divisions:

Neighborhood Partnership Office: 623/930-2868 | More info>>
The Neighborhood Partnership Office offers a variety of programs and services to help keep our neighborhoods healthy and strong, while also building their capacity.

bullet point image Adopt A Neighborhood Program
bullet point image Community and Neighborhood Education
bullet point image Community Volunteer Program
bullet point image Glendale University 101
bullet point image HOA Training Academy

bullet point image Glendale University Graduate Classes
bullet point image Neighborhood Newsletters
bullet point image Neighborhood Connection Events
bullet point image Neighborhood Action Planning & Organizing
bullet point image Public Participation Planning
bullet point image GIS-based neighborhood information system

Community Revitalization: 623/930-3670 | More info>>
Community Revitalization provides funding to support direct services for residents through non-profits and other housing improvements, including:
bullet point image Infill Housing – Habitat for Humanity
bullet point image Minor and Major Home Repair Program
bullet point image Roof Repair Program
bullet point image Replacement Housing Program
bullet point image Referrals to Non-Profit Agencies
bullet point image CDBG funding for human services
bullet point image Information on foreclosure assistance
bullet point image Homeless Prevention Funding
bullet point image Housing Tax Credit Review

Community Housing: 623/930-2180 | More info>>
Community Housing provides safe, decent, sanitary housing for Glendale residents with very low to low incomes.
bullet point image Public Housing
bullet point image Section 8 Rental Assistance Program
bullet point image Financial Self-Sufficiency Programs
Glendale, AZ - Community Partnerships
Glendale, AZ - COmmunity Partnerships
Glendale, AZ - Community - Project Connect Inside Project Connect
Project Connect is part of Valley of the Sun United Way's long-term, multi-faceted strategy to end homelessness in our community. This monthly event offers instant access to resources people in our community need to start the journey back to health, financial stability, and housing. More than 10,000 individuals have been connected to services since Project Connect began in 2008. Volunteers are needed to work one-on-one with guests, escorting them through the array of service providers available on-site. The guest guide role is a supportive position that encourages a connection between individuals. Other roles available to volunteers include registering guests, serving food, distributing clothes, assisting with the guest check-out area and clean-up. Click to Watch Video
Image of video of Housing Replacement Program

VIDEO: Glendale Housing Replacement Program
Glendale's Community Revitalization Division administers a Replacement Housing Program that will replace existing, owner-occupied, non-repairable residential structures with quality, safe and sanitary housing. Glendale resident Robert Keegan qualified for the program. He and his wife Mary Lee Dallas are both disabled and their new manufactured home will be built with an ADA bathroom and all door widths will be 36 inches to accommodate wheelchair access. Click to Watch Video

Glendale, AZ - Community Partnerships Glendale University Court Tour
Graduates of the Glendale University 101 program are given a behind the scenes tour from Presiding Judge Elizabeth Finn, inside Glendale's city court building. Glendale residents and those who own businesses in the city can sign up for Glendale University 101 (GU) to learn more about city government directly from the mayor, council members and top city staff. Watch Video
Glendale, AZ - RX Program

Coast2Coast Rx - Glendale’s Prescription Drug Discount Program
The Coast2Coast Rx card allows all Glendale residents, regardless of income, age or health status, to participate in the program and save on the cost of their medications. Learn more

Glendale, AZ - Welcome
Glendale, AZ
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