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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ - Code Compliance - Understanding City Code

City code can be a bit confusing. These codes are local laws adopted by the Glendale City Council to promote public health and safety and preserve the quality of life in neighborhoods. The following list includes some of the more commonly violated city codes as well as a brief explanation of the law in effect.

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Land Maintenance

  • Materials on Public Property: CC 25-21 (a) — Except as approved by the City, no personal property, materials, merchandise or similar items of any kind can be placed on public streets, sidewalks, alleyways or rights-of-way.
  • Trees, Bushes and Shrubs: CC 25-21 (d) — All trees, bushes and shrubs must be trimmed so they do not obstruct vision or travel of motorists or pedestrians or obstruct traffic signs, signals or lighting. Tree limbs must be maintained to hang no lower than 12 feet above any public street or alleyway and seven feet above any public sidewalk. Trees below 7 feet in height, bushes, shrubs or other plant growth must be maintained 1 foot from sidewalks.
  • Bushes or Shrubs at Intersections: CC 30-65 — Shrubs, hedges or similar plants that are within thirty feet of any corner where two or more streets intersect must be maintained at a height of 30 inches or less.
  • Outside Storage: CC 25-21 (e), (f) — The outside storage of items that are visible from any public street or sidewalk is prohibited. This includes items such as, but not limited to, furniture, except furniture designed and placed for outside use, boxes, tires, household equipment or appliances, vehicle parts, landscape materials, debris or any similar materials.
  • Grass and Weed Height: CC 25-21 (g) — Overgrown weeds or grass must be maintained at a height of 6 inches or less.
  • Palm Trees: CC 25-21 (k) — Palm trees must be maintained to prevent an excessive accumulation of dead or dry palm fronds when the conditions, as determined by the City, pose a threat to public health or safety.


  • Vehicles for Sale: CC 25-22 (a) — Ongoing vehicle sales from residential properties are prohibited. The sale of a vehicle from a residence is permitted when the vehicle is titled to the owner or occupant of the property, is parked on an improved surface such as a driveway and is not being sold in connection with a business. Only three vehicles can be displayed for sale from the same residence within a 12-month period and only one vehicle can be displayed for sale at one time.
  • Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles: CC 25-22 (d), (e) — The storage of any abandoned or inoperable vehicle, including any vehicle being repaired or restored, is prohibited when the vehicle is visible from any public street or sidewalk for 15days or more.
    An abandoned or inoperable vehicle may be stored in a garage or rear yard as long as it cannot be seen from any public street or sidewalk or in a carport if the vehicle is covered with a vehicle cover made specifically for covering vehicles. Bed linen, cardboard, plastic sheeting and similar materials are not acceptable.
  • Vehicle Repairs: CC 25-22 (f) — Ongoing vehicle repairs at the same residence are prohibited. Any vehicle that is undergoing repairs must be titled to the owner or occupant of the property. Vehicle repairs are limited to three within a 12-month period and can be no more than 15 days in duration.


  • Side Yard Parking: CC 25-22 (g) — Vehicles within a side yard that are visible from a public street or sidewalk must be parked or stored on a surface area that is improved with gravel, concrete, or paving bricks.
  • Front Yard Parking: ZO 5.312 (C), 7.402 (C) — In the front yard, zoning regulations restrict where you can park your vehicle(s), the location and width of your parking area(s) and the type of parking surface. Your front yard is generally considered to be any area from the front of your house up to the city sidewalk and in this area all vehicles must be parked on or next to your existing driveway. All parking/driveway areas must be surfaced with concrete, asphalt or paving blocks. Also, parking/driveway areas are only allowed between your garage or carport and the street.
  • Commercial Vehicles 5.312 (B), 7.402 (H) — The parking of commercial vehicles is limited to one commercial vehicle per residential property. The commercial vehicle chassis is limited to one ton and the vehicle capacity cannot exceed 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating.

Swimming Pools

  • Pool Water and Discharge CC 25-24 (d), (e) — Water contained in swimming pools, architectural pools, ponds or spas must be properly maintained to prevent polluted or stagnant water or any other conditions that may breed insects or result in insect or other infestations. The discharge of water from any swimming pool, architectural pool or spa into any public street, alleyway or rights-of-way is prohibited.
  • Barriers and Enclosures CC 32-3, 32-4 — All swimming pools or similar bodies of water designed for swimming or immersion with a minimum depth of 18 inches must be enclosed by a wall or fence with a minimum height of 5 feet. All gates that provide access must be self-closing and self-latching. A secondary barrier is required if a child younger than 6 years of age will or does reside at the residence. Pools built prior to 1998 do not require a second barrier unless there is an alteration or addition that increases the livable area and provides access to the pool; or if the residence is sold.

Yard Sales

  • Yard or Garage Sales: ZO 7.305 — These types of sales activities within a residential district are limited to three within a 12-month period and can be no more than forty-eight hours in duration. Yard sale signs cannot be placed in the public rights-of-way. This includes sidewalks, street sign poles, light or utility poles.

Building Permits

  • Building Permits Required CC 9-16(b), UAC 301(301.1) — No building or structure of any type with a floor area greater than 120 square feet shall be constructed, altered, or repaired without first obtaining a building permit. This includes, but is not limited to, accessory buildings, patio covers, enclosures and room additions. Fences or walls that exceed 6 feet in height also require a building permit. One-story detached accessory buildings such as tool or storage sheds, playhouses or similar type buildings with a floor area less than 120 square feet do not require a permit. However, depending on the building height, yard setback distances may be required. The Zoning Ordinance requires minimum front-, rear- and side-yard setback distances from your property lines. Setback requirements apply to any type of building, structure, shade structure, storage shed or similar building.

Accessory Buildings and Uses

  • Storage Sheds: ZO 7.302 (a), (b) — Storage sheds are limited to one per residential property and must be located in a side or rear yard. Also, the shed cannot be served by any utility and all drainage from the shed roof must flow onto the owner’s property. Yard setback requirements are waived when the shed is less than one hundred and 20 square feet in size and 6 feet or less in height.

Home Occupations

  • Home Occupations: ZO 7.304 — The zoning ordinance establishes land use by dividing the city into various zoning districts. These districts include residential, commercial and industrial uses and each has certain regulations. Within a residential district, a business, also referred to as a home occupation, is allowed but there are restrictions. If any of these restrictions are not met, it is considered an illegal land use and is prohibited. Home occupations are classified as Class I and Class II. Class I home occupations do not require a conditional use permit. If certain standards, including but not limited to, numbers one, two and three listed below cannot be met then the home occupation becomes a Class II. A conditional use permit is then required. Following is a summary on home occupation restrictions.
  1. The home occupation must be conducted entirely from within the principal residence. There can be no activity or storage in the garage, other accessory buildings or in other outdoor areas.
  2. Only the resident or residents of the dwelling may conduct the occupation. No outside employees are allowed at the residence.
  3. There can be no customer traffic at the residence and no more than one commercial delivery vehicle a day coming to the residence. The delivery must be related to the home occupation.
  4. The home occupation can produce no offensive noise, vibration, dust, odors, heat, or glare beyond the boundaries of the property.
  5. The home occupation must be clearly incidental and secondary to the residential environment.
  6. There can be no signs or other exterior evidence that the home occupation exists and a valid City sales tax and business license must be maintained.
  7. Any activity related to the home occupation is limited to the hours between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  8. All parking incidental to the home occupation must be provided on the property.

Important Telephone Numbers

City of Glendale
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Building Permits 623-930-2800
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bullet image Planning and Zoning 623-930-2800
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bullet image Rights-of-Way Maintenance 623-930-2670
bullet image Sanitation 623-930-2660
Maricopa County
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