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Historic Sahuaro Ranch Rental Opportunities

9802 N. 59th Ave., Glendale Arizona 85302
Rental Coordinator:
623-930-4202 or
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Fruit Packing Shed
Click to enlarge photo of Fruit Packing Shed

Historic Sahuaro Ranch with its unique and historical features is the perfect place to host your next event, whatever it may be (some restrictions apply). With multiple venues, indoor and outdoor, your event will be impressive to all who attend. Our customer-focused staff will make your experience truly memorable.

Ramada Rentals
Please call 623-930-2820 (Option 1) or click here for more information.

Wedding Ceremonies
Historic Sahuaro Ranch is a beautiful setting to get married. Weddings are held in the rose garden. Historic Sahuaro Ranch partners with the Glendale Historical Society to coordinate the wedding ceremonies at Historic Sahuaro Ranch. All wedding ceremony questions and requests must be directed to the Glendale Historical Society before contacting our Rental Coordinator. Contact the Glendale Historical Society at 623-435-0072 or visit

Wedding Receptions
Historic Sahuaro Ranch is a beautiful setting to hold a rustic wedding reception. Receptions can be held on the grounds or in the Fruit Packing Shed. All wedding reception questions and requests can be directed to the our Rental Coordinator at 623-930-4202 or

Click here to view our weekend rental rates

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Interested in renting Historic Sahuaro Ranch for your next private event or reception? Please join us for our next tour.  No reservations are necessary.

Venue and Rental Tours
1 p.m., Saturday, May 14, 2016
Meet and check in at the Fruit Packing Shed.

Fruit Packing Shed
This historic, brick building originally used to dry and pack fruit was built in 1891. This space has been updated to accommodate wedding receptions, retreats, meetings, parties, reunions and even small concerts. A unique feature of this space is the 14 windows with shutters that open up to let natural light in to the event space. The Fruit Packing Shed is made up of the Main Event Room and a Meeting Room. This space includes use of 150 chairs and 16 5-foot round or 20 6-foot tables. In addition to the room space, the facility has a small preparation station with a sink as well as a unisex restroom.

fruit packing shed

Fruit Packing Shed - inside
The Barnyard
This large outdoor area includes a dairy barn, hay barn, corrals, mill & granary and maintenance shed. This rustic area is perfect for western themed events and parties, equestrian events & programs, catered BBQ dinners, tractor shows and smaller concerts. There is plenty of shade under the hay barn and the vehicle maintenance shed for warmer days.
Hay barn
Demonstration Area
The demonstration area is a fenced, multi-purpose space. This area measures 333 ft. by 108 ft. or 35,964 sq. ft. (approx. ¾ acre) and is ideal for tractor pulls/demonstrations, equestrian events and car/truck shows.
demo area
Front Lawns
The large grass areas have tall palm trees for shade as well as plenty of open space perfect for wedding receptions, concerts, large family/corporate picnics, small festivals, art shows and more. Both the north and south lawns are rented together.

Please contact our Rental Coordinator at 623-930-4202 or for pricing and information.

Sahuaro Ranch Outdoor Rental


Space Sizes

Space Description Size
Fruit Packing Shed Includes the Main Event and Meeting Rooms, small preparation
station, sink and restroom.
Main Event Room
Seats 204 with chairs; 95 with tables and chairs 1,430 sq. ft
Meeting Room
Seats 103 with chairs; 47 with tables and chairs 718 sq. ft
Barnyard Includes the Dairy Barn, Hay Barn, Three Additional Corrals, Mill & Granary Classroom and Vehicle Maintenance Shed
Dairy Barn
43’ x 15’ with 2 corrals (50’ x 21’ and 60’ x 43’) 688 sq. ft.
Hay Barn
95’ x 35’ 3,325 sq. ft.
Three Additional Corrals
42’ x 43’, 21’ x 26’ and 38’ x 27’  
Mill & Granary Classroom
Old-style benches and tables to seat 24 children 228 sq. ft.
Vehicle Maintenance Shed
49’ x 28’ 1,372 sq. ft.
Demonstration Area 333’ x 108’ (approx. 3/4 acre) 35,964 sq. ft.
Front Lawns Includes the North and South Lawns
North lawn
  Approx. 1/2 acre usable space
South lawn
  Approx. 1 acre usable space

Commercial Photography Permit:  These permits are required for professional photographers utilizing Historic Sahuaro Ranch as photo sites.  Click here for more information.

Rental Space Map (click to download)

Map of Historic Sahuaro Ranch Rental areas

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Not what you're looking for? Check out other city rental facilities - click here.


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