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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale Police False Alarm Ordinance Information

Glendale Police Alarm Applications Are FREE!
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Glendale, AZ - Alarm Ordinance

To implement the provisions of the ordinance, the police department needs to know where alarm systems are being operated and who is responsible for their use. Information provided in your permit / account application will be kept confidential. This information will help police officers to contact you if your property is broken into or damaged by criminals. Failure to obtain a FREE permit is a violation of the ordinance and may result in a $100 fee if police respond to an alarm at your system address.

To apply and avoid the $100 unregistered fee, please follow the below process.

How to Complete the Alarm Application Process:

  • To submit your New application permit / account registration online-  CLICK HERE
  • Registered Alarm UsersUpdate or Renew your permit / account number.  CLICK HERE
  • Printable application form to mail-in or drop off at any police stations.  (PDF) Download
  • Need help completing the application permit / account form - Instruction Sheet here.  (PDF) Download
  • False Alarm FAQs.  (PDF) Download
  • If you have questions about completing the permit / account form, contact us at:  or hotline 623-930-2466.

Paying your alarm fee by credit card

To pay your alarm fee by credit card you must first log onto your alarm permit account. You will need your alarm permit / account number and your password.

  • To make an online payment with a credit card - CLICK HERE.

Ordinance Information:

  • The alarm ordinance was adopted by Mayor and Council on June 22, 2010. It was designed to decrease false alarms.  Statistics show 98% of the alarm calls officers responded to in 2009 were false alarms.
  • Police enforcement of the ordinance started March 9, 2011.
  • The ordinance does not apply to audible alarms affixed to motor vehicles, audible fire alarms, medical alert devices, or residential panic alarms.
  • To view a PDF copy of the City Alarm Ordinance - CLICK HERE


  • Permits are FREE to all residential and business alarm subscribers.
  • ***ALL Permits must be RENEWED ANNUALLY***.  All permits expire on December 31st each year.  If you are currently a registered alarm user you will receive a notice when your alarm permit is about to expire.  A renewal of your Glendale alarm permit is also FREE.  


  • During the past several months, the Police Department has worked with alarm subscribers, alarm companies, neighborhood groups, business groups, and the media to inform them of their responsibilities under the new ordinance.
  • CLICK HERE to download a tip sheet on ways to avoid false alarms.
  • Watch a short informational video - CLICK HERE.


  • All alarm subscribers will be allowed ONE false alarm without a fee being assessed during a 365-day time period.
  • A second or subsequent false alarm within a 365-day time period will result in a fee being assessed.
  • There will be an appeal process available to alarm subscribers if they wish to contest a fee. If you disagree with the assessment of a fee for a false alarm, you may appeal the assessment by writing a letter to the Glendale Police Alarm Coordinator explaining why you believe the fee should not be assessed.  If the matter is not decided to your satisfaction, you may appeal the decision to a 3rd party hearing officer.
  • Within a period of 365 days after a first false alarm, fees for subsequent alarms will be assessed as stated below.
  • Failure to pay assessed fees in a timely manner is a violation of the alarm ordinance.  Additional fees may be accrued and ultimately you may be charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Glendale City Court.

No Fines:

  • Alarms resulting from a criminal act or attempted criminal act will never be assessed a fee.
  • Alarms resulting from acts of nature or other large-scale events such as power or telephone outages will not be assessed a fee.
Type of Permit
False Alarms


7th and subsequent

Commercial Panic or Robbery

4th and subsequent







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Glendale, AZ
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