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History, Geography and Travel

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CIA World Factbook -- -- Lists population, government, military, and economic information for nations
recognized by the United States.

CultureGrams Online -- -- The culture, history, food, maps, flags, symbols, images, famous people, and much more for U.S. States and countries of the world. You must have a Glendale Public Library card to use this resource outside of library buildings.

Infonation -- -- View and compare statistical data for countries that are a part of the United Nations.

Geographia -- -- If you have a report to do about a country or region of the world, this site is a great place to start. Beautiful pictures and lots of helpful information.

Greatest Places -- -- Take online tours of seven of the most "geographically diverse" places on the Earth: The Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, and Tibet. Includes photographs and QuickTime movies.


50 States -- --All the knowledge you need to learn the 50 states.

All 50 American States Websites -- -- Links to the offical websites of all 50 states, plus information about state symbols.

USA Geography Webgames -- --capitals,states,and geography of the U.S. by playing games.

CultureGrams Online -- -- The culture, history, food, maps, flags, symbols, images, famous people, and much more for U.S. States and countries of the world. You must have a Glendale Public Library card to use this resource outside of library buildings.

Ancient World

Ancient Egyptians

CMA Kids: Egyptomania -- -- Learn about the Pyramids, Mummies, and daily life, then 'tour' objects from Ancient Egypt, find out about animals of Egypt , take a quiz, print out coloring pages and get instructions for making your own Pharaoh!

Mummies of Ancient Egypt --  -- This site is all about mummies: what they are, how they were made, information about three famous mummies, and explanations about what the Ancient Egyptians thought about the afterlife.  The site also includes links to pages about hieroglyphs, a dateline of the Egyptian dynasties, and a glossary of terms.

ODYSSEY Online: Egypt --  -- This website has lots of information about Egypt (people, mythology, daily life, death and burial, writing, archaeology), and includes pictures, links to information about particular artifacts, teacher resources and games! You can also read or listen to stories about different aspects of Ancient Egypt.

Life in Ancient Egypt --  -- Learn about Ancient Egypt by exploring pages about daily life, religion, the natural world, and Ancient Egyptian chronology. The site also includes pictures of actual Ancient Egyptian objects from the Carnegie Museum , and links to more information about different ideas and words like "agriculture" and "crossroads."

Ancient Egypt -- -- Find out about Ancient Egypt through pictures, stories and challenges. This website from the British Museum also lets you to explore color photographs of actual objects, such as wall paintings, dating back to ancient Egyptian times, and has a glossary of words about Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greece

Greeks -- -- Information about leaders, mythology, wars, religion, architechture, daily life as well as links to pictures, clip art, detailed chronological history charts and class projects.

History For Kids Greeks --  -- Ancient Greece from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

Odessy Online: Greece -- -- A museum site with links to books and other sources ; Navigational bar on the bottom for general catagories: daily life, death, burial, mythology, writing, archeology. Middle grades.


History for Kids Romans --   -- Ancient Roman food, Roman clothing, Roman art, Roman history, and much more. Lots of Maps!

Romans -- -- Information about art, architechure, daily life, emperors and rulers, law, maps, mythology, philosophers, wars, Roman army and pictures of ancient Rome as well as liks to clip art and other sites.

Odessy Online: Rome -- -- A museum site with links to books and other sources ; Navigational bar on the bottom for general catagories: daily life, death, burial, mythology, writing, archeology.


Mayans-- -- Information about ancient Mayan cities, astronomy, the Mayan Calendar, mathematics, people, geography  languages, cosmology and religion, writing and hieroglyphics and pictures as well as links to clip art and other sites.

Ancient Mayan Cvilization -- -- Includes many, many links to culture, treasures, pictures of ruins, poetry, daily life. Upper grades.

Maya Adventrue --   -- The Science Museum of Minnesota presents Maya Adventure , a World-Wide Web site that highlights science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture. Interactive and classroom friendly!

Mayans Yesterday and Today --  -- A site maintained by the author of Place of Mirrors. Includes resources, cultures, ancient kingdoms and modern life for Mayan people.


Age of Exploration -- -- Timelines, biographies, maps and other materials related to the European Explorers from the Maritime Museum.

European Explorers Theme Page -- -- An easy to navigate website with lots of links to info about European Explorers.

Explorers --   -- the chart provides a time line with the names of Spanish, English & French explorers to North America.  Links from each name take the student to a brief descrption of each explorer's discoveries, plus a map & artist's rendition of the explorer.

Explorers at Enchanted Learning -- -- Brief biographies, description of discoveries, with maps & drawings, with some entries providing links to other information sites.  The approach is alphabetical, by explorer's name, by country or region of exploration, and by time frame.  Included subjects are "Space" & "Undersea."

CyberSluth Kids Explorers on the Web --   -- For grades k-12, this site provides links to proper names, some regions & to a category called "Other Explorers."  Disadvantage:  the lists are not in alphabetical order.  Advantage:  the links themselves are lengthy & informative, often linking to other sources as well.

13 Colonies and Revolutionary War

Liberty! The American Revolution -- -- A site sponsored by PBS that includes key information as well as "newspaper chronicles [from various colonial towns] that let you experience first-hand the excitement and uncertainty of the American Revolution."

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution -- -- An internet exploration of the
American Revolutionary War. This includes a chronological key of historical events and conflicts.

American Revolutionary War -- -- This site is dedicated purely to the military campaign; if more information with a scope beyond the war is needed, a link for the American Revoution is provided.

The History Place - American Revolution -- -- A web site broken into various time periods, beginning with the exploration and creation of the early colonies and ending with the creation of the United States.

Civil War

The Civil War Homepage -- - A site with numerous predefined categories to choose from or the ability to search by individually selected terms.

The History Channel - Civil War -- -- Sponsored by the History Channel, this site includes all pertinent information on the Civil War including battle maps and images of the war.

The American Civil War Homepage -- - "The American Civil War Homepage gathers together in one place hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1861-1865)."

The Civil War for Kids -- - "The students in Mrs. Huber's class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York have been learning about the Civil War. We read about this important time in our nation's history and wrote about it."

World War I

Wars and Conflict - World War One -- -- This site features a home page with a brief overview of World War I. A listing of links to each year of the war gives access to greater detail if required.

The World Almanac For Kids -- --
A Text based site that provides a summary of the war and overall statistics including those that participated and how they were impacted, i.e. number of survivors, number of wounded, number killed in action.

First World -- - A site that does an in-depth study of World War One, including links to such items as weaponry, propaganda posters, vintage photographs, and personal diaries of the wars participants.

The-forum on-line art gallery / World War I -- -- An excellent site to view posters created during World War One.

World War II

Second World War Encyclopaedia -- -- A comprehensive site about World War II that includes links discussing War Leaders of all major participating countries, as well as specialties such as biographies of war journalist, women in the war, and secret agents.

Wars and Conflict - the Second World War -- -- This colorful site is from the BBC. It is presented in "per year" blocks of the war and includes a multimedia presentation area.

Kids View of World War II -- -- A web site created by fifth graders from Spring Hill Elementary School in Spring Hill, Kansas in association with the Eisenhower Museum. Fun links to checkout include "Toys & Games," "Memorabilia," and "Did you know?"


Hyper History Online -- -- Over 2000 files covering 3000 years of history. Click on "events" to reach timelines by decades.

American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century -- -- This series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century has been prepared by the reference librarians at Kingwood College.

As Time Passes: The History of 20th Century America -- -- This Thinkquest timeline briefly summarizes the major events in each decade throughout the 20th century.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights -- -- The Lyndon B. Johnson Library presents Civil Rights history for kids.

Turbulent Times: Civil Rights -- -- This Thinkquest site presents a good overview of the civil rights movement.

Civil Rights Biographies -- -- Links to online biographies of famous individuals involved with civil rights.





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