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Library - News
The 17th Annual Arizona Songwriters Gathering

The Glendale Main Library will become a powerhouse of song and music during the 17th Annual Arizona Songwriters Gathering event from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 19.

The gathering is free and offers live musical performances on two stages throughout the day.  Songwriters perform in front of audiences and their peers, gaining an opportunity to showcase their talents and entertain. Songwriters will also have the opportunity to receive song critiques and experience lectures and workshops from some of the best names in the songwriting business.

The free workshops and lectures are designed for songwriters and others interested in the business and include topics such as crafting songs, getting songs into film and television, music technology and using social media to market music.  The event is a collaboration between the Glendale Main Library and the Arizona Songwriters Association.

People come from across the country to attend this annual gathering started as an event held by Phoenix at Encanto Park.  It was moved in 2009 to the Glendale library after changes in Phoenix would have required it to be a fee-based event. 

“I can't think of anywhere in the country where they have (an event) like this where it's totally free,” stated Jon Iger, president of the Arizona Songwriters Association (ASA). “You don't even have to be a member of any organization to come and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work the volunteers are doing to help songwriters learn and network. Everybody has a great time performing and listening and hanging out with each other, as well as rubbing elbows with music publishers, producers and other professionals.”

The ASA’s mission is to help songwriters learn more about writing songs and what to do with them once they’re written.  The association helps connect songwriters with other writers, musicians, singers, recording engineers, producers and others that are essential to the industry.  Through contacts made at association events, songwriters achieved having songs placed in major television series and movies, with several having major label acts record their songs.

Angie’s Dawg Haus will provide food and refreshments for sale during this event.

For more information, call 623-930-3573 or visit ASA.

17th Annual Songwriters Gathering
Saturday, January 19, 2013
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Glendale Public Library
5959 West Brown Street
Glendale, Arizona 85302

Events will be held in the Auditorium, Meeting Rooms, Outer Lobby & Front Lawn
For more information, call 623-930-3573.

Food and drink will be available for purchase from “Angie’s Dawg Haus”


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  AUDITORIUM.
Join award winning Motown songwriter and producer Clay Drayton to learn the secrets that will make YOUR song stand out against all the others. Learn how to make the adjustments that will make your song the one that they can't stop singing.


10:00 – 11:15 AM.  LARGE MEETING ROOM.
This seminar will show new and established artists what questions to consider for protection of personal and professional assets. Entertainment attorney James Marovich and intern Daniela Madrid will provide information about the advantages of doing business under an entity, choices of entities under which to do business, reasons to copyright your work sooner than later, reasons to register a name or logo with the state and federal Trademark Office, and how contracts and marriage can affect ownership of your music and other creations.


12:00 – 1:00 PM.  SMALL MEETING ROOM. 
How do you become a great songwriter? It’s easy! You write, you write collaboratively, and you write some more.  Join Chris Frazer and Chava Cannon for an introduction to the Arizona Songwriters Challenge, an event that pushes you to write, and write with others.  In this quarterly challenge, all participants are given the same title and challenged to write a song within 30 days.  In this session you will hear samples from past events, an explanation of the process, and you’ll receive information about how to participate. Attendees will select the title for the next challenge.


11:30 AM – 12:45 PM. LARGE MEETING ROOM.
Join music business veteran Toni Koch to learn how social networking tools including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube can help you reach a global audience that traditional marketing tools cannot touch. This casual lecture and discussion will allowyou anopportunity to share your experiences and hear from others about what works and what doesn't.


12:45 – 2:00 PM.  AUDITORIUM.
Believe it or not, there may be a gold mine in your closet. Did you write and record music prior to 1989? Are your recordings collecting dust in an attic or closet? Join David Hilker and Jeff Freundlich of Fervor Records Vintage Masters as they discuss music for film and television, and the earning power of those forgotten tapes. Any genre. Any era. The gold mine is there. Are you ready to tap it?


1:00 – 2:30 PM.  LARGE MEETING ROOM.
Publisher/Producer Les Scott and Clay Drayon will offer positive, constructive feedback on your songs.  Bring your song preferably on CD or perform live.  Cassettes are ok if cued to your song.   Lyric Sheets are mandatory.  Songs selected at random. 


2:45 – 3:45 PM.  AUDITORIUM.
Join award winning Motown songwriter and producer Clay Drayton to learn how to write catchy and unforgettable hooks.
Immediately following this workshop Clay Drayton perform some of his originals.  He will be followed by Gaynel Hodge, hit songwriter of “Earth Angel.”


3:00 – 4:00 PM.  LARGE MEETING ROOM.
Publisher/Producer Les Scott will offer positive, constructive feedback on your songs.  Bring your song preferably on CD or perform live.  Cassettes are ok if cued to your song.   Lyric Sheets are mandatory.  Songs selected at random. 



Time Tent Pavilion Lobby


Open Stage  Lon Austin


Open Stage Tom Whitlock


Open Stage Steve Speisman


Open Stage Mark Fogelson


Open Stage Glenn Torrico


Open Stage Tom Tuerff


Open Stage Dee Fleming


Open Stage  Steve Decker


Open Stage Cottonwood Stone


Andy Hurlbut Dean Cook


A.J. Odneal Dee Strickland Johnson


Pat McInnes Dave Lev


Bob Gibney Willis Graves


Larry Jolly Loca Rosa


Darrell Rogers Ken Clemmer


Al Bonaguidi Mike Krzyston


Mary Swistara Randy Brown


Scott Baker Robby Roberson


Tammy Zapier “Human Jones”


Special K & CJ  Karmann Powell


Shannon Crane Bill Turner


Mike Greenleaf Annie Moscow


Mary Godfrey Tom Agostino


Eric Douglas Christa Agostino


Steve Miller Clyde Jorgenson


Mark Lee Jim Petty


Lauren Terece Chava Cannon


Patrick Martin Rhonda Hitchcock


Daniel Karbon Linda Bilque


Virginia Anders Ben Anderson


Vic Spurlock Craig Griffin


Patricia Silverberg Chris Frazer


Tom Giambra Shotgun Shack


Jamming Jerry Dale Gibson


Robert Galvin Sandy Hathaway


Bennie Torrez Olyn Wayne


4:00 – 4:15 PM CLAY DRAYTON
4:15 – 4:30 PM GAYNEL HODGE


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Hosted by Mark Fogelson, Tom Whitlock and Mary Godfrey


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Hosted by Dean Cook, Virginia Anders and Vic Spurlock


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
A roundtable discussion on creativity hosted by Andy Hurlbut and “Human Jones.”


The Arizona Songwriters Gathering is organized by Lon Austin, Jon Iger and Gavan Wieser of the Arizona Songwriters Association and hosted by the Glendale Public Library.



CLAY DRAYTON has been involved in the music industry for the past forty years. An Award winning Motown songwriter & producer with Gold & Platinum records on Diana Ross, The Jacksons, Lenny Williams and others, Clay is a member of ASCAP, and he is a voting member for the Grammy Awards (The Recording Academy). Clay is currently teaching the Motown Secrets to Songwriting class in Los Angeles, he speaks for music schools/organizations and conducts Professional Songwriting seminars nationwide and is featured in Amalgamation, Thrust, TRU & Bass Player magazines. He is writing and producing songs on Jesse Campbell from "The VOICE" and the boys group "New Bounce" from Britain's Got Talent. He is also working on a Michael Buble' project and looking for talented writers to collaborate with.

Note:  Clay will be available for one-on-one consult/critique sessions after the Gathering on Saturday, January 19th and Sunday, January 20th, while he’s in Phoenix.  For info on scheduling a session, email or call 626-676-1836.


CHAVA CANNON is a musician, singer/songwriter, and open mic host from Mesa, Arizona. She is the founder of, an organization that creates and sells cd’s of original songs written by local artists with a specific theme.  All proceeds of benefit local charities. Chava also assists Chris Frazer with and the Arizona Songwriters Challenge.


CHRIS FRAZER is a singer and songwriter, open mic host, and middle school music teacher from Chandler, Arizona.  He is the founder of, a website that has provided information about the local open mic scene since 2002.  Chris also runs a quarterly event called the Arizona Songwriters Challenge. 


DAVID HILKER (CEO) and JEFF FREUNDLICH (President) own Whirled Music Publishing, Inc. (WMP). WMP is a premier destination for music placement in the film, television, advertising and new media industries. The company's music is heard daily across all media platforms internationally. WMP brands include indie label Fervor Records, Fervor Records Vintage Masters and the Wild Whirled Music Catalog.

Fervor Records Vintage Masters is home to an incredible collection of period recordings spanning 8 decades and is an industry leader in the licensing of period music. Fervor Records, in conjunction with MTV Networks successfully launched Tempe band Super Stereo and NYC Rapper Tarik NuClothes in 2011 and is gearing up for the 2013 MTV launch of Phoenix based band Fayuca.

A few recent credits include: Boardwalk Empire, HBO • The Mob Doctor, FOX • Parenthood, NBC • American Horror Story, FX • Person of Interest, CBS • Two And A Half Men, CBS • The Neighbors, ABC • The Carrie Diaries, CW • That's My Boy, Sony • Leatherface 3D, Nu Image • The Sitter, 20th Century Fox • Microsoft • Chevrolet • Miracle Whip • Burger King


GAYNEL HODGE is the co-author of the Platinum hit 1950s song, “Earth Angel.” He is a recording artist, songwriter and pianist.  Mr. Hodge is a founding member and musical director of such famous groups as The Platters, The Turks and The Hollywood Flames.

Hodge was involved in doo-wop, rhythm and blues and jazz from his earliest years. Gaynel began writing songs and playing piano professionally by age 13; joining, starting and practicing with all-vocal groups on street corners of L.A. By age 15, Gaynel was a regular session musician in recording studios throughout L.A. and had co-written the multi-platinum hit “Earth Angel”. Gaynel went on to form the original Platters with his brother, Alex Hodge, and sang and played piano with them on their first 16 recordings.

Gaynel has written, recorded or performed with such artists as Lou Rawls, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, Dr. John, Richard Berry, Dick Dale, The Chambers Brothers, The Rivingtons, The Olympics, and Duane Eddy.


TONI KOCH (aka TK Promotions / Toni K Pitchasong) has spent the last 40 years working as a local event planner, booker, artist manager, and she is known for her non-profit work with songwriter organizations. Toni earned "Indie Promoter of the Year" honors in 1985. In 1986, she earned a Platinum Record for club promotion of Columbia artists. She was awarded with Indie Manager of the Year by IMC in 2003, and in 2007 Toni became part of the Coalition of Songwriter & Music Organizations (COSMO Coalition) as their Marketing and PR Director. When it comes to the topic of social media, Toni can honestly say that she was “there when it started.” She has been using the Internet to help market authors, songwriters and entrepreneurs since the early 2000s.


DANIELA MADRID is a second-year law student at ASU. Ms. Madrid is a member of the Sports and Entertainment Law Student Association and has experience with the Arizona Rattlers and AZA Women’s Professional Football.


JAMES M. MAROVICH is a litigation and transactional attorney.  His intellectual property practice consists of copyright, trademarks and trade names, and rights to privacy.  He provides legal services for singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, artists, actors, authors and photographers, as well as to independent film companies, publicists, physicians, medical spas, theatre companies, talent management, and record sales and distribution services companies.  He has served on numerous not-for-profit boards, is a frequent speaker for artists’ organizations, and is currently serving as general counsel for the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame. He provides legal services to start-up companies, which includes assisting with choice of entity, agreements between persons desiring to do business together, organization of corporations and companies, ownership and licensing of intellectual property, risk assessment, end of business life decisions, helping clients to avoid disputes and, if necessary, to resolve disputes, and negotiating contracts and business deals.


LES SCOTT is a veteran of the music industry whose publishing company Source Q Boutique (SQB) specializes in music placement in film & television. Celebrating its 15th year, SQB currently represents over 550 writers/artists and is exclusively marketed through its alliances with Crucial Music Group, Fuze Artz and Expressive Artists.

As a Record Producer and Songwriter, Les is commissioned to produce albums for such companies as BMG, FirstCom, Killer Tracks, Universal Music Group and Network, and has produced over 200 artists/bands in all genres. His writings appear almost daily throughout the film/TV industry and have appeared on various albums (Grammy winning group “b2k”).

As a consultant, Mr. Scott is frequently hired to advise on intellectual property and other legal matters such as band agreements, record contracts, writer collaborations, performance releases, cue sheets and other custom agreements.


The Organizers:

LON AUSTIN is a folksinger, songwriter, storyteller, and instigator. He was primarily influenced by Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, & Prescott cowboy poet Gail Gardner in his songwriting and performing. Instigations include the Phoenix Folk Traditions Music Festival, Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival, Peoria Library Monday Night Melodies, the Encanto Park Coffeehouse (now evolved to the Beaded Lizard Gathering), the Arizona Songwriters Gathering, Trail Dust, and the Mexican Beaded Lizard Band, among other things.


JON IGER is a songwriter and publisher with Major Label cuts, and has song placements in Movies and TV shows such as the Sopranos, Parks & Recreation, Ugly Betty, My Name is Earl, Touched by An Angel, Where the Money Is, and many more.

Iger, a former Capitol recording artist, started and continues to run the Arizona Songwriters Association.  He has also been on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame since 2005.


IVY JARVIS is an adult reference and programming librarian at the Glendale Public Library.  She has worked with the Arizona Songwriters Association to host the Songwriters Gathering for the past four years.  She also coordinates the Main library’s Coffeehouse, Live at the Library, Acoustic Jam Session, Socrates Café, Big Read and Reel Talk programs.


GAVAN WIESER is a singer/songwriter who plays bass in the world’s oldest punk band, One Foot in the Grave.  He is currently the president of the board for Fiddler’s Dream Coffeehouse, acoustic music showcase. He hosts the Second Tuesday Songs in Progress workshop for the Arizona Songwriters Association.

Arizona Songwriters Association
Page updated 1/15/13
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