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STEM @ the Library: Celebrate the Earth Poetry Contest Results

Earth floating between two hands

Congratulations to the Youth and Adult Winners of the
2014 Celebrate the Earth Poetry Contest!

Youth Selections:
Outside My Window
by Nikisha Fernandes

Outside my window
As I watched the sun set
I saw the deer rest.
As critters creep
Along mountain’s peak
I look to find two mallard ducks taking a drink from the pool.

As I look and see
Outside my window
The lush green palm trees
Swaying in the breeze.
The birds chirp wildly
And the bees buzz around
Outside my window,
I watch them go by.

As the grass grows greener,
In the spring
I watch dandelions blow
Outside my window.
They fly and grow on the ground.

Glendale, AZ - Library
The Earth Poem
by Jorge Mena

The wind is blowing vines.
It is fresh and clean.
The trees and branches are creaking;
It makes music to my ears.

Glendale, AZ - Library
by Lauren Snair

A bird who sits outside my window,
Unusual colors in the sunset,
Everywhere I look, I see nature in my neighborhood.

Glendale, AZ - Library
Where Do They Go
by Serenity Israel Muhammed

Animals were here and animals were there.
Now there’s no animals anywhere.

Birds fly away
While the creatures crawl,
Bears hibernate in the caves,
Snakes go to their holes,
The cat’s meow leaves my house,
My dog’s barks fade.
The tiny ants stop working; their hills are made.

Where do they go?
If you follow their pet then you may know.

What will happen to them?
Will they return?
Well, if they do I hope they choose, to stay.
And if they don’t I hope they’ll be okay.
Where do they go, to someone else’s home?
Where do they go, to look for friends?
Where do they go, looking to find food?
Where do they go I really want to know.

So those who have pets or love animals in nature
Ask them or yourself

Where do they go?

Glendale, AZ - Library
Adult Selections:
genus Ariocarpus
by Dan R.

So many years of caring, staring at dull, dour spiny surfaces
singed by the sun, scarred by weather and time,
growing slower than granite erodes.
One random April the green bumpy surface swells shiny, awake.
Buds struggle, reaching through spines, burst into flowers.
Red, purple, pink.
Bees visit, dance, celebrate flowers open for the day, closed at night.
The old cacti honor Spring.

Glendale, AZ - Library
by Lisa Knigge

We have the ability to do what we will
To be whatever we feel.
But with it, we choose to hurt those
Who depend on us most.
Those who speak not words
But silent pleas.
To save what belongs to all of us.
What we as Guardians of this place
Must do.
Spreading kindness
If we are able
Then we must.
Freedom to live and love.
And be.

Glendale, AZ - Library
Vanishing Animals
by T. Kerlegon

Animals will not vanish from us
When we are caring
When we are sharing
And not destroying,
we are multiplying,
And trusting each other,
And have comfort and shelter
From the hot and cold,
the undeniable,
Animals need to know
we are thinking about them.

Glendale, AZ - Library
Glendale, AZ - Welcome
Glendale, AZ
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