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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ



Follow Your MoneyFollow Your Money - Vendor FY2015
PDF Report
Description Transaction Date Amount
CLAIM R2012078ARSENEAULT 10/15/14 $6,503.10
CLAIM R2012078ARSENEAULT, GAR 07/15/14 $70.00
CLAIM R2012078ARSENEAULT, GAR 11/18/14 $5,434.55
CLAIM R2012078ARSENEAULT, GAR 12/11/14 $9,081.67
CLAIM R2013212MATA 10/15/14 $3,858.40
CLAIM R2013212MATA, ALFREDO 11/18/14 $6,155.47
CLAIM R2013212MATA, ALFREDO 12/11/14 $6,982.90
CLAIM R2013273COCHRAN 10/15/14 $6,451.03
CLAIM R2013273COCHRANBANNERM 11/18/14 $4,775.25
CLAIM R2013273COCHRANBANNERM 12/11/14 $4,221.19
CLAIM: R2012078ARSENEAULT, G 08/25/14 $1,075.80
CLAIM: R2013212MATA, ALFREDO 07/15/14 $512.10
CLAIM: R2013212MATA, ALFREDO 08/25/14 $513.80
R2012078ARSENEAULT 09/22/14 $512.00
R2013212MATA 09/22/14 $2,123.20
R2013273COCHRAN 09/22/14 $3,655.30

Note: Vendor information associated with the use of Pro-Cards (credit cards) or Wire Transfers may not be included in these reports. In some instances, nondisclosable information may be REDACTED due to its sensitive nature.

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Glendale, AZ
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