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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ



Follow Your MoneyFollow Your Money - Vendor FY2015
PDF Report
Description Transaction Date Amount
091035-ALLEY IMPV 12/11/14 $2,421.32
091035-ALLEYWAY IMPROVEMENTS 10/31/14 $1,257.54
121306-MYRTLE AVENUE IMPROVEME 10/17/14 $28,845.00
67TH AVE ITS CONNECT CITY SIG 10/10/14 $20,000.00
JPA 13-3922 NEW RIVER NORTH SH 09/09/14 $110,000.00
JPA 13-3924 SZ108 01D 03D 08/28/14 $115,000.00
JPA 14-4032 SR303 CAMLBK-GLNDL 07/02/14 $120,000.00
JPA130-3964 SR303 GLNDL-PEORIA 07/02/14 $510,129.00
PMDR FEE FOR JPA 14-4235 12/12/14 $30,000.00
PMDR FEES FOR JPA 14-4236 12/12/14 $30,000.00
PROJ 091003-MARYLAND AVE IMPRV 08/26/14 $41,232.23
PROJ 091035-ALLEYWAY IMPV 08/26/14 $3,498.08
WIDEN BIKELANE- SIDEWALK 55CA 08/13/14 $140,500.00

Note: Vendor information associated with the use of Pro-Cards (credit cards) or Wire Transfers may not be included in these reports. In some instances, nondisclosable information may be REDACTED due to its sensitive nature.

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Glendale, AZ
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