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City of Glendale
2014 Firefighter Trainee Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in the City of Glendale Firefighter Trainee position. The following information explains the steps in the recruitment process. This information is subject to change. All information is contained within this notice, no phone calls please.

Minimum Qualifications for Glendale Firefighter Trainee: A full job description for Firefighter Trainee, including pay and special requirements, is available on the city web page at:

  • Must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or a GED by application date.
  • Must have a valid/unexpired Arizona Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic certification, (National EMT/Paramedic also accepted) or can show a proof of enrollment into Arizona Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic certification at the time of application. Documentation must be submitted with application to be considered. * Those enrolled in Arizona Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic certification (National EMT/Paramedic also accepted) will be required to have an AZ EMT/Paramedic Certification at the time of hire or will not be considered further.
  • Reside in Arizona and possess a valid Arizona driver’s license by date of employment.
  • Must pass a Candidates Physical Ability Test (CPAT) from a Glendale-recognized organization dated between Nov. 2013 to 5/16/2014. (Glendale Recognized Agencies: National Testing Network, any Maricopa Community College)

Application Process:
Prior to the application process it is recommended that you visit the City of Glendale web page at (, click on the Job Interest Card link, complete the Job Interest Card form and select the FIRE & EMS category. This will enable you to receive a notification when the Firefighter Trainee recruitment has been opened.

It is also recommended that you click on the Applicant Login link to create an account, select your user name and password, and build your application prior to the recruitment being opened. This will save time when submitting your application, but is not absolutely necessary.

The City will open the Firefighter Trainee application process on 4/14/14 – 4/25/14 or until the first 330 qualified applications are received. Once the applications have been screened and the limit of qualified applications is met, the announcement will be removed from the website and no further applications will be accepted. Those who submitted their application but were either not qualified or were not within the first 330 qualified applicants, will be notified.

If you qualify for veteran preference points a DD-214 is required at time of application.

Only online applications will be accepted. If you experience any technical issues with submitting an application, please contact NEOGOV's Customer Support Team. They are available at 310-469-0515 or toll free at 877-204-4442 Monday through Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time excluding major holidays.

Written Test:
Qualified candidates will receive invitations to the written exam projected to be held on 5/17/2014. Only those with invitations will sit for the exam. Photo ID is required.

Change of Contact Information: You are responsible for updating any information you have provided during the recruitment process by e-mailing as well as updating your application account. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

Other Elements:

  • This process is contingent upon the successful completion of a background investigation, drug screen and a medical examination after a conditional offer of employment is made.
  • Those individuals selected for employment by the Glendale Fire Department will be scheduled for training at the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center.
  • CPAT: Additional information for completing a CPAT can be found at

SELECTION PROCESS: Applicants whose training, education and experience most closely meet the needs of the position may be invited to participate in the selection process. Human Resources reserves the right to terminate or extend the life of an eligibility list at any time. The hiring department will contact those candidates they wish to test and/or interview. DURING THE SELECTION PROCESS, ANY APPLICANT REQUIRING ACCOMMODATION FOR A DISABILITY SHOULD ADVISE THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT.

All candidates are subject to an extensive background check, including but not limited to, Department of Public Safety and FBI background investigations. Applicants must be truthful and accurate and avoid providing inconsistent information, incorrect dates, partial or incomplete information when completing the application and any supplemental forms. Falsifying or omitting information during any stage of the selection process, may make you ineligible for consideration or continued City employment.

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Professional Excellence

Glendale Fire Department employees are highly skilled and trained professionals dedicated to creating a better quality of life for its residents. They demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and integrity and believe in and practice teamwork and open communication.

The department values all employees, striving to develop mutual respect and trust, while treating each other with dignity and fairness.

Glendale Fire is a fully integrated fire service dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of its citizens.

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Careers within the Fire Department

All fire careers and related job descriptions can be found at
All qualified Glendale firefighters have the opportunity to advance to positions of greater responsibility:
  • Fire Battalion Chief
  • Fire Captain
  • Fire Chief
  • Fire Engineer
  • Fire Inspector I
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Firefighter
  • Assistant Fire Chief

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Firefighter/Trainee Information

  • Minimum age of 18 years by application end date. 
  • Arizona residency at the time of appointment of hire.
  • High school diploma or G.E.D. by application end date.
  • Must have a valid/unexpired Arizona Emergency Medical Technician certification at time of hire (also see recruitment requirements at time of application).
  • Must have a valid Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) as dated per the recruitment requirements.
  • Must successfully pass the conditional hiring process, which includes a background check, drug testing and a medical physical administered by a fire department physician to be eligible for the academy. 
  • Must successfully complete 12-week firefighter training academy and field rotation to become a firefighter.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a commitment to serve others are important.

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Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

Glendale Fire Department requires that all firefighter recruits have passed a Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) by the date set on the recruitment information.  Currently Glendale Fire Department does not host a CPAT.  Interested applicants are encouraged to enroll in a recognized local CPAT process. 

Restrictions:  Glendale Fire Department currently only recognizes CPAT’s from agencies in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  This would include area fire departments, National Testing Network, or through the Maricopa County Community College District.

If you have never taken a CPAT, need to renew or need to retake a CPAT due to failure: Glendale Fire Department encourages applicants to participate in programs offered by fire departments, National Testing Network, or through the Maricopa County Community College District.

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Assignments and Promotions

Glendale firefighters have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of technical service including:


  • Firefighter/EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Technical Rescue Technician
  • Recruit Training Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Health Center Technician
  • Bicycle Paramedic
  • Community Relations Captain
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Captain
  • Training Division Captain
  • Special Events Captain
  • Special Operations Captain 


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